Monday, December 19, 2005

Sinn Fein gone MultiCulti - grass roots disagree

The power of the International MultiCultists is incredible. In Northern Ireland, a country where the fierce ethnic struggle between the Irish and the Anglo-Scots invaders left a legacy of fierce ethnic patriotism. And an organisation to champion it. Despite the descend of Sinn Fein into the netherworld of organised crime in order to finance the struggle the motivation of many of the rank and file fighters reflect a genuine Irish patriotism.

Not so the in the leadership of the organisation. In post struggle Northern Ireland the leadership of the organisation has commited itself firmly to the reigning madness of MultiCulturalism even as the defects and deficits of the ideology become more and more glaring. According to a statement Sinn Fein has:

* Brought forward major initiatives to tackle sectarianism and racism; * Launched an anti-racist charter and are seeking to have it introduced in councils across the country. Demanded and promoted equality for all cultural traditions; * Resolutely defended the right to freedom from sectarian harassment.

How likely is it that the Irish will accept this? Having fought the Anglo-Scots for so long they will hand over their rights to masses of foreigners with totally foreign attitudes and habits?

Not very likely!


RobertinArabia said...

My son recently visited the Republic of Ireland and was shocked at the prevalence of non-White immigrants even in rural areas. He was warnings posted that some areas were dangerous. Extremely sad.

Snouck said...

I heard too that the City of Dublin is already for a quarter immigrant, de-facto decapitation of the country is well underway.