Monday, December 19, 2005

A modern day prophet

Martin van Creveld is a Dutch born Israeli. He is widely regarded as an absolute expert on war in the modern era. It is obligatory to read his books on US military academies, although his idea's are make for depressing reading for any member of a modern military force.

Some of Mr. van Creveld's books conventional and take a more or less standard look at warfare, examples: "The Sword and the Olive" on the Israeli Defense Force and "Command in War".

However his "Transformation of War" and the "Rise and decline of the State" are ground breaking and have far reaching implications not just for todays and future warfare but also for the developments in societies world-wide.

We are going to take a look at what Martin van Creveld has to say on this blog in the weeks to come.


Robbie Earl said...

If MvC/USMC thinking is correct, Kember will be released tomorrow.

The psychological impact of that would be an obvious and easy victory.

(Not to say that SNAFU doesn't still apply to everything in a warzone).

Snouck said...

Who is Kember? Why must he be released?

Snouck said...

Peter Kember,