Sunday, December 18, 2005

Looking like the 1930ies

The world is getting more and more hostile to immigration. In France only 39 percent of the population think that Le Pen's political positions are unacceptable. Elsewhere in Europe figures are lower, but still significant.

Remarkable are also the high figures for hostility against migrants for Africa 63 percent and
Turkey 93 percent!

The story is at UPI. Start reading at the fourth paragraph.

These times are reminding me of the 1920ies and 1930ies and the run up to the second world war.


netron said...

its certainly heading that way alright. france riots, aussie riots with a topping of holocaust denying iranian president = world war three.

i dearly hope that cooler heads will avert us from disaster.

netron said...

you might want to get corrobating evidence on that poll - UPI are a branch of the Moonies

netron said...

then again, you have to wonder why UK political figures appeared at this event:

note the "Lord Chancellor"

no , its not fake. here's a UK gov site:

is it any wonder there's a disconnect between voters and the political establishment? yeah - its 1930s all over again alright.

Snouck said...

About that Islam - Peace event in London that is really creepy. I read about it in a column by a conservative female English columnist. She attended the event. Her description of the proceedings was quite comparable to a 1932 rally in Germany with Hitler as the main speaker. Have you got any idea who the columnist could be. Can't remember her name and can not find her website.

Snouck said...

There were riots a few weeks ago in Birmingham as well by the way but our Orwellian media cartel mostly kept it under the rug. It was Black against Asians appearently. Of course I does not mean there is anything wrong with MultiCulturalism.

Oh and then there is the Black population of New Orleans behaving like Paragons of virtue and discipline.

netron said...

this is the article you are after
the author is "carol gould"

Snouck said...

Ah yes that's it. Scary stuff. That Pakistani cricket player.
These people mostly will have British citizensship. If you point out to a Leftists that it is ludicrous and empty that these people have British or other Western citizensship they will wriggle and argue and call names. Anything but admitting the point that you are trying to make. Literally gives me a headache. Sometimes I just avoid getting into certain conversations because of "The Wall" of deliberate refusal to understand. And believing somehow they are morally superior because they do not understand.

Ha and you also pointed me back to Melanie Philips. Also an interesting columnist. Heartening to see that such people are out there.