Sunday, December 18, 2005

Bush has NSA eavesdropping on US citizens to protect Freedom

When Bush was rallying the US behind him in the aftermath of 9/11 he was saying that the Islamists had attacked the US because they are jealous of the freedom that so much characterises the USA.

Osama Bin Laden gave other reasons for attacking the USA, such as the idea that the Americans are weak and not willing to die for their country, as indicated by the withdrawal of US troops from Somalia in 1993.

Anyway. Bush has given the Islamists what he thought they wanted. He sacrificed freedom. Last Friday Bush admitted or should I say boasted of having instructed the NSA to spy on US citizens.

What the hell does Bush think he is doing? He is letting in millions of immigrants, legal and illigal. The border with Mexico is a sieve, utterly laying open to infiltration by terrorists. And at the same time he sacrifices the one thing that in HIS words separates US society from the societies the terrorists are coming from. And how can the Americans make Iraq free if they at the same time make their own society unfree.

This is so disgusting. I was happy when Bush got the election in 2000. I feel dirty for that happiness now.


netron said...

hang on a minute. George Bush opened declared that the U.S. was in a state of "war" after 9/11 - and the Patriot Act was passed subsequently by Congress.

So, when did conducting survelliance not be a part of warfare? I'm just thinking logically here. Quite frankly , I'd be more surprised if the NSA *DIDNT* conduct survellance on U.S. citizens in the wake of 9/11

Snouck said...

Thank you for your comment linuxnote admin.

The thing is that in 1978 there was already a law passed to do survelliance of citizens communications AFTER a judges permission. But "The president ordered the NSA to act without approval from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act court, ".

So the powers of the State to intrude on citizens' lives was increased. As happens during a war. This can be necessary but it is always bad. The question is: "Why did Shrub order the judicial authorities to be bypassed?".