Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Jobs Dutchmen do not want to do

Get up real early in the morning and hit the Amsterdam streets at 06:15. What do you see? Blacks and Muslims freezing on the sidewalks waiting for vans and buses to take them to their jobs.

Whenever one gets into a discussion over foreigners the politically correct get all moralistic (urgh!), going: "well these immigrants do the jobs Dutchmen do not want to do". They imply that Dutchmen should feel a deep obligation and humbleness vis-a-vis these poor hardworking immigrants. Because without these people these jobs would not be done.

Let us take a closer look at this argument.

These jobs are vacated by Dutchmen, who move on to better jobs. Jobs with better pay. Jobs with better working conditions or with more respect in society.

If immigrants would not do this work the economy would come to a screeching halt. Or not?
In dynamic economies work is on the move all the time. All the time industries that are not profitable are closed down. Often the work is then done in other low wage counties where unskilled labour is plentiful and cheap. Building up the economies of these countries. Everyone is a winner.

So what is really happening when rich countries are importing unskilled third world labour is that employers, who are 2-3 percent of the population get an additional supply of workers. This improves their bargaining position against blue-collar workers. The wages of blue-collar workers, the working poor, are depressed by the abundant labour supply. The blue collar workers are 10-15 percent of the population.

Usually the Leftists defending immigration and Multiculturalism are white middle class. They regard themselves as morally superior to the opponents of immigration. Because the opponents do not want to give gifts of jobs and safety to Third world immigrants. But who is paying for the gifts to the immigrants? Not the middle class. It is the blue collar workers who are paying for the gifts.

These days blue collar workers are sympathisers of nationalist groups or are desillusioned with democracy. Not bothering to vote, because there is no party defending their interests. The Left is inviting their Third world guests, taking the bread and livelyhood of the blue collar workers and droning on and on and on about their moral superiority and the dangers of white ethnic solidarity, which they call racism.

There are further benefits to the Left connected with immigration. The Third world immigrants need education, cultural rights, subsidies and protection from the jealousy of the White lower class. So they vote for the Leftist political parties, who are constantly on the record for immigrant rights and against "racism".

Back to the Amsterdam streets at 06:15 in the morning. It is still freezing. Our tropical brothers are looking miserable dreaming of the climates that they left. Many of them will try to leave their present livelyhoods at the first possible opportunity. If they get Dutch citizenship and full rights many of them will apply for WAO, the Dutch disability benefit. They will get 75 percent of their last earned pay for doing nothing. 50-60 percent of the males of most immigrant groups receive unemployment of disability benefits. So the proposition that immigrants do the work Dutchmen do not want to do is a falsehood. White blue collar workers have a 80 percent work participation guote. White blue collar workers are paying taxes and social premiums contibuting to the payment of the social benefits. This is another gift from the Left to the immigrants that is (partly) paid for by the blue collar workers.

The Third world immigrants end up living in the cheapest neighbourhoods of Dutch towns and cities. Rubbing shoulders with the white blue collar workers. Competing for the same houses. Driving up rents. Driving up crime rates. Driving up rapes rates of white girls. Making demands on municipal services such as schools, public transport and subsidies. Making claims to what can be taught in the schools.

And this gives the Left more power over the population. Because they can change what is taught in school using the arguments of Multiculturalism and Diversity. Insisting that school boards, clubs and private businesses comply with non-discrimination drives. If immigrants can not find jobs than this must imply that employers are racist and refuse to give jobs to immigrants who must be equally suitable to doing these jobs.

It is a beautiful plan from the perspective of the Left. Taking from the poor and taking up a position of moral superiority to those who oppose the policy. Whenever things go wrong the solution is always increased state interference. State interference is at the core of Leftist political ideology. Outlawing all alternative viewpoints as crime think.

Those of us who thought that the Left had been defeated in 1989 were mistaken. Totalitarian Leftism has made a comeback through Multiculturalism. It hurts us all in our rights and way of living. But it hurts some more than others......


José María said...

If they get Dutch citizenship and full rights many of them will apply for WAO, the Dutch disability benefit. They will get 75 percent of their last earned pay for doing nothing. 50-60 percent of the males of most immigrant groups receive unemployment of disability benefits.

So more immigrants are needed!
The Left claims.

Obviously this will have a limit, and I think that it will be painful.

Snouck said...

Yes, so more immigrants are needed. What is so interesting about the Left if that they always give the same solutions to all kinds of different problems. Too much disability? More immigrants. Too much immigrant crime? Softer approach towards immigrants and more understanding? Whites defend against crime? Harsher crackdown on militant whites! One wonders how it come that they have this very focused attitude?

If Europeans want to defend from this dangerous and abusive elite, Europeans need to get together and be focused also.

José María said...

If Europeans want to defend from this dangerous and abusive elite, Europeans need to get together and be focused also.

I agree, but much more suffering is needed before Whites realize that the only racism allowed by elites is against Whites, then they will start to put questions and elites will have to soften their crash on Western Civilization.

nouille said...

So who supports the ageing immigrants once they can no longer work, more immigrants?!

nouille said...
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nouille said...

I am sick and tired of the leftist rhetoric on immigration and how they "do the jobs whites don't want to do"!

In the U.S it's not even about how immigrants do the jobs Americans don't want to do, they take it a step futher and say it's immigrants doing the jobs WHITES don't want?!

It too late for California, often referred to as Mexifornia.

Mexico is fine as long as it's IN MEXICO -NOT THE U.S!!!

netron said...

funnily enough, in Ireland it is the right who are making these arguments and have instigated uncontrolled immigration

- and it is the LEFT that is calling for controlled immigration, because it is driving down blue collar wages.

what a mixed up world we live in.

Snouck said...


"It too late for California, often referred to as Mexifornia."

the Mexicans in the US support pro mexican organisations that are very brazen in their ethnic stance, such as Mecha and La Raza. Right now California is swamped by Mexicans and the political clout of the Mexicans will become dominant in the next decade. Do ordinary whites in LA realise this? Or do they think the situation can be "managed"?

Snouck said...


"So who supports the ageing immigrants once they can no longer work, more immigrants?! "

I ussually say: "immigrants or not born from parents like us humans?" when people use this argument. Most times they think I am insane, but sometimes it does sink in.

People have blockades against direct arguments. One has to cover logic in mystification in order
for it to slip through.

Snouck said...

Linux notes admin,

actually that means the Left in Ireland is more through to its constituency than in other countries in Europe. In The Netherlands labour immigration started in 1954 when the employers agreed with the labour unions that the employers could start importing Spanish and Italian labour for the coal mines and steel mills. The same agreements were used a decade later to bring in the Morroccans and Turks that are so problematic now.

The thing is that at that time the Dutch labour unions were still limiting the influx of foreign workers. They were still supporting an ideology that really helped their base, the workers. These day the labour unions are the strongest supporters of immigrants from the whole world.

Btw, most Spanish and Italians left the Netherlands 20 years ago. The ones that are left behind are very happy here (apart from our weather and food) and we are happy with them. Because we share the same civilisation and ethnic background.

I know the Poles are a problem in Ireland, because of the numbers. But for our country they are a blessing. Apart from the working poor of course, whose wages are further eroded.

Muslims have told me that they are pushed out of the market for jobs with the arrival of the Poles. Immigration from Muslim countries is slowing down here because Dutch employers prefer to employ nice Poles instead of violent Muslims.

It is unfortunately true that there is also Mafia infiltration in our society with the arrival of the Eastern Europeans.

netron said...

Actually, you raise a good point. The Poles are exemplary workers here in Ireland, and we have very few, if any, complaints about them.

Maybe the Irish government strategy is to prevent Muslim ghettos, like those in France and Holland and the UK, by mass importation of Polish Catholic workers. The Irish are Catholic are well - so , therefore, theres a certain degree of common culture between the Irish and Poles. Also, both Polish and Irish like to drink and go to bars - thereby increasing the "mixing" of both cultures. Which is a good thing in my view. The Irish government was one of the very few EU governments to impose NO restrictions on new Eastern European E.U. citizens from coming here to work. It may well work out better in the long run, than the restrictions imposed by Germany and France.