Monday, December 26, 2005

Anti Quassam Missiles

Hamas, the Gaza Palestinian Jihadist force is firing Quassem missiles at Israel. The Mujaheed fired 4 missiles from the Gaza strip at a village and at the city of Asqelon on the Mediterrenanean Sea.

The Palestinians make the missiles themselves in little workshops in Gaza. They fire them from the yard of some poor Palestinian soul with few sons and connections at urban areas in Israel.

The Israeli's can fire back with artillery. But they will never hit the perpetrators, because they are long gone. The launch tubes use timers anyway, so even if you hit them 3 seconds after they were fired it is still too late. If the Israelis hit Palestinians civilians with artillery in revenge bombardment in order to make the terrorists unpopular with Gaza Palestinians the wounded and killed will be on European and USA television, which will be terrible for Israeli image abroad and increase hate for the Jews amongst Western Leftists and Muslims in the West.

Israel can do nothing. Then the population will get angrier with every attack and elect more and more badass Governments.

Israel can use pin point attacks against Hamas forces. They can try to find out who are important militants in Hamas organisation and kill them. This is much better. If it gets on Western TV nobody care about these terrorists and many will be happy that they were killed.

Israel can hit PLO-Palestinian Authority officials for allowing the attacks to continue. This can be a good idea. I am sure that the PLO people know who the Hamas people are so they are collaborators with anti-Israeli terrorism. And everybody hates the PLO types anyway these days apart from the idiots in the EU but they even want to continue the process to make Turkey an EU member, despite 60 percent dissaproval from European population.

The worst idea: Israel can make its own Quassem missiles and fire them at Gaza in retaliation. One of Sharon's Kedima buddies proposed this idea. Of course Israel can make such stupid missiles if they try. Is he crazy? What does he think? That Israel and the world sets the same standards for Israel as for the Palestinians?

Maybe they should just do it for once on Aprilfoolsday, by the way of joke. Just to make propaganda. Fire missiles at Gaza. Film it and give the film to the news agencies and say "Hell, we do not know where these missiles are going to land. Is that important?"

It would definately make a point. They could even load the missiles with wooden warheads, just to pull everyone's leg. I think they should do it. These days propaganda is more important that military strength.


Esther said...

Just a few additions:

1. Arab terrorists can now reach Ashkelon since they're firing from what used to be the Israeli villages in the North of the Gaza Strip. Sharon is now suggesting that it will be a no-go zone, but he could have saved himself the trouble if he wouldn't have decided to destory those villages and forcibly evict their residents.

2. The Fatah (ie, the military branch of the PLO) is also firing rockets at Israel. In fact, "Quassam" is Fatah's name for their rockets. The Hamas rockets are called by a different name, though the "generic" name used by the Israeli media is "Quassam".

Snouck said...

Is there no PA security forces unit that can be trusted to guard the ruins of the Israeli settlements? What are the settlers going to do? Are they going to set up new settlements on the Westbank?

Israel is much too small to make a workable territorial compromise with the Palestinians. The Palestinians will not get tired from attacking Israel for a long time. Plus the whole Islamic world seems to be in an attack phase, while the West seems to be confused. Even the Israelis seem to have lost their hard-nosed attitude.

It will get worse before it gets better. I think we have to invent a new way of making war in order to fight Islam. The old ways are not working anymore. It is just a lot of money and effort that is wasted. Both USA and Israel can not hurt Islamists.

The only idea that seems to be working is the wall between the populations. And that is also a new idea for a Western country.