Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Working poor

The De Volkskrant newspaper is doing a special (with a blog!)on the working poor in The Netherlands. They show that at the bottom of the Dutch labour market there is a significant proportion of the population working to earn an income that is no better or sometimes slightly less of what they would make if they would just receive an unemployment benefit. Some of them Dutch, some of them immigrants. Of course the newspaper is loyal to its leftists roots and allows the interviewed to blame lack of government intervention for their troubles. What the newspaper fails to point out is that there is an abundant supply of unskilled labour at the bottom rung of the labour market. The abundancy is caused by the very large influx of non-western immigrants since the 1960s. It has only been made worse by the leaving of unskilled labour to the developing economies in Southern Europe and now in Eastern Europe and Asia.

Time and time again the opinion that we white Dutchmen profit from immigration because of the low wages the immigrants receive is repeated like a mantra. Yet the fraction of the population that employ immigrants is minute, while the segment of the population that competes with the immigrants for work is easily a hundred times bigger.

This was already obvious to me 15 years ago. Yet this misconception remains unchallenged, because the mainstream media (MSM) leaves no room for those who want to challenge the idea that immigration is good and beneficial. Next year the MSM will do their special again on the plight of the working poor. I bet that by then economic reality, the law of supply and demand works on the labour market too, has still not penetrated the brains of the pundits caste.

Oh, one more thing. Newspaper Trouw reports that our friends in Europe Court in Strassbourg are demanding that Minister Verdonk of Immigration and Assimilation brings Dutch family reunification policy in line with European policy for reunification. Dutch policy is too restrictive. Dutch policy used to be the most liberal in Europe, but that has changed after the Fortuyn bombshell. Now the European elite thinks they have found a way to nibble away at the advances made in The Netherlands with regards to immigration.


nouille said...

excellent post!!!

There was a time in the U.S. where you would see teenagers working at Mc Donalds, now it's 40 year old immigrant Mexican men and women!

netron said...

this is only just started to happen in Ireland. i lived in the UK for 10 years, and have come back recently, and i was quite shocked at the amount of native Irish who simply cannot get jobs, primarily due to the massive influx of Eastern Europeans in the past year. This influx was authorised and condoned by the political elite in Ireland. I dont mind immigration - as long as its controlled ( in response to certain skill shortages for example), and managed. But an influx of an estimated 150,000 immigrants in the past year (out of total Irish population of 4 million), is just asking for trouble further down the line. And there is no sign of the influx stopping.

Snouck said...

All immigration also in response to skills shortages bring down the negotiating position of Labour against capital.

White immigration does not have to be a problem, but those affected should have a say. They should be able to control the influx in their communities.

Capital and the political elite are teaming up to undermine and divide our Nations. Patriotic Whites have to find strategies to counter this in order to avoid desasters of the likes of Lebanon or Yougo-Slavia.