Saturday, December 17, 2005

Chechens in Spain connected to Van Gogh's murder

This week Spanish police arrested 3 Chechens in connection to the murder of Dutch Filmmaker Van Gogh according to the Spanish Herald. They were connected to Mohammed Bouyeri, van Gogh's Murder. Interesting to see how these Chechens continued with their activities after being accepted as refugees in a European country.


Esther said...

I do wonder if they will be expelled to their home country when they finish their trial.

Snouck said...

God knows what they will be up to both inside jail and after serving their sentence. Inside jail they will probably find recruits amongst the criminals and if they are released they will enter the illegal underground society in Europa.

We have to bring back Capital Punishment in Europa. The population wants it, it is just the liberal elite that does not give a damn about what the people want.