Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Swiss ban minarets

Ban towers!

The outcome of a Swiss referendum is that in future it must be forbidden for mosques to built minarets on their mosques. Basically it is a building ordinance forbidding towers on buildings built by a specific religious denominations.

Other towers apart from minarets

Churches will not be prevented from building towers neither will synagogues or Buddist temples. In my opinion it will be difficult to write this referendum into Swiss law. The Swiss contstitution uphelds equal religious rights to all religions. So unless the constitution is changed it seem difficult how this referendum can ever be passed into law and upheld.

Multicultural society coming apart at the seams

Even if the minaret ban is not written into Swiss law it will still show strong hostility of the ethnic Swiss against encroachment of Islam on their society. Slowly but surely the different religious and ethnic groups in Europe are growing apart. Were this will end is anybodies guess.

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