Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Lisbon Treaty: official end to the social contract

The end of the nation state in Europe?

Today on December the first the Lisbon Treaty has come into effect. This means that the European Union (EU) has now officially taken over many of the functions and powers that used to be the prerogative of the national state. A process that was started in the early fifties of the 20ieth century to create supra-national political entities whose powers will eat up the powers that used to belong to democratic nations state has reached its full flowering. Despite a French and a Dutch referendum that stated that a majority of the citizens of those nations do not want to end their political represantation by national states.

No reciprocal obligations

The pretence of the European elite of democratic representativity has ended. Therefore legitimacy has been stripped away. The elite openly states they do not care about any obligations they might have towards the governed. The peoples, the nations of Europe have likewise been freed of their obligations towards the elites, the political class and the class of bureaucrats and managers which legislate our lives in detail.

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