Thursday, August 06, 2009

Wolf in wolfs clothing

Labour's tricky predicament

In the running up to the 2006 municipal elections, Mr. Wouter Bos, the Labour party leader said that Labour (PvdA) would see a lot of trouble with immigrant politicians in the local councils as they would bring elements into Labour whose interests diverged from the interests of the Labour Party.

Mr. Bos' perceptive remark would prove prophetic. The question is what this phenomenon says about the presence of Muslims in The Netherlands and other Muslims societies.

One of the politicians that fits the bill of Wouter Bos' remark is the subject of this article.

The usual suspects

Bouchra Ismaili, a Rotterdam former Labour municipal politician, is featuring in the news once more. In the middle of January 2008 she achieved notoriety by:
1. signing a petition of a hardline Islamic group: Hizb-ut-Tahir
2. writing an e-mail to a Dutchman with a rather hostile content:
You are the immigrant here!!!! With Allah on my side i fear nothing and nobody.
Indeed, it is a good thing she has no fear.

Please find a full translation of Mrs. Bouchra's mail at Esther's news site

The affair made her position as a Labour politician untenable.

The unmasked Muslim

Mrs. Bouchra is now campaigning on behalf on the Dutch Muslim Party (NMP). The affair has only made her star shine more brightly to Muslims of Rotterdam. She is expected to pull in 2-3 council seats in the Rotterdam Council.

The interests of Dutch people and the expressed wishes of Muslims

The Hizb-ut-Tahrir program that Mrs. Bouchra support goes very strongly against the interests of the ethically Dutch people of Rotterdam. If this only goads Rotterdam's Muslims in supporting Mrs. Bouchra this shows that the presence of Muslims in Rotterdam and other parts of Europe hurts the interests of the Westerners amongst whom they settle. Therefore there ought to be a moratorium on all Muslim immigration to The Netherlands.

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