Thursday, August 06, 2009

Hells Angels Holland demand damages

The Dutch state recently suffered a defeat against an emerging non-state actor. The Dutch chapter of the Hells Angels. In my words "the Hells Angels have become untouchable". Now the Hells Angels are following up their success:

Hells Angels want €2.2m in damages

Twenty-four Hells Angels are demanding a total of €2.2m in compensation from the Dutch state for damages suffered as a result of the legal action that was taken against them, report various media on Thursday.

Lawyer Bram Moszkowicz is asking for one-third of the total sum (€800,000) for his client Harry S who was detained by police for two months before being released without being charged.

On Thursday 12 cases were heard by the Amsterdam court. The first 12 came before the court six weeks ago.

In total 35 members of the Hells Angels club are asking for damages. In 11 cases The Hells Angels and prosecution service reached an agreement.

The public prosecution department fought a long-running legal battle to get the Hells Angels banned but has been unsuccessful.

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