Thursday, July 23, 2009

Muslims, immigrants, public charges or not?

Muslim and other immigrants a boon to the receiving nation?

Yesterday IslaminEurope - Commentary featured a story on the Dutch Freedom Party (PVV) asking Dutch Ministers to calculate the costs and revenues of immigration. Later yesterday there was a vote on the issue. All parties were against Dutch Departments to calculate the revenues and costs associated with immigration. All parties apart from the Liberal-Conservative VVD, Wilders' old party.

There was a big show of moral indignation at PVV MP Sietse Fritsma's request. But it is clear that the PVV is not finished. During a speech in Parliament on 18 september last year Mr. Wilders (Dutch) said:
This Multicultural society is a expensive hobby. A Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis (CPB) study of a few years ago has shown that the average non-western immigrant family casts the Dutch taxpayer 230.000 euro.

The strategy of Mr. Wilders

The PVV is going to make this matter of whether immigrants are public charges the main issue in the rest of the year and leading up to the 2010 election. We have not heard the last of this.

The other parties are going to be in a lot of trouble over this. Them trying to keep the facts under wraps makes them look vicious and deceitful. And once the facts are out Multicultural society will have taken a crippling injury.

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