Saturday, July 25, 2009

Gay pride Amsterdam runs the gauntlet again

Keeping the world save and gay

The Amsterdam City Marketeers are spending a considerable budget to woo US gays. It is their intent to picture the city as a haven for liberalism and permissiveness. And indeed Amsterdam has a long standing tradition of being relatively open.

Read the blurb or check find the below sample of the creativity of the Amsterdam Marketeers:

Do you feel the soft glow inside?

Dark forces are gathering

But alas. Dark forces are gathering against the light of gayness. For years Gay events have been marred by real hatred of gays. Amsterdam Gays and their visiting friends are exposed to evil gaybashing.

White males are the carriers of original sin in Liberal theology. For Liberals women and minorities have victim status. Victim status is the weapon of choice to clobber white males with. Victim status groups are "protected classes" under the rule of Liberalism and they are the core adherents.

Victim fight

But what if victims attack victims? What is Liberalism, the guiding principle of todays Western society, to say when this happens?

I ask this because the gaybashers scouring Amsterdam generally belong to the Muslim minority, which is approximately 25 percent of the population of Amsterdam and growing.

What happened was: one of the organizers of the Gay Pride, Mr. Hugo Braakhuis, was beaten up at a popular nightlife venue in the centre of our fair city, called Rembrandsplein. This happened when Mr. Braakhuis was taking leave of a friend at four in the morning. The men had been kissing. Mr. Braakhuis' friend received injuries and both were called "dirty fag" and worse.

I wrote similare articles
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The Amsterdam respons

The respons of the Amsterdam City Council to these events has been to install CCTV security cameras at gay venues and stepping up police patrolling in these areas.

But these measure cannot stop the gay bashing, nor the publicity about the gay bashing. At some point it will become more and more known that Amsterdam is a dangerous place for gays and the city will lose its appeal to gay tourists.

At this point the City can always start marketing the city to masochist tourists. Amsterdam, the city were you can be beaten up for free. Its better than bull running in Pamplona!

Multiculturalism, the belief that all cultures are compatible with Western culture always had at its core a strong element of masochism. However, there are indications that Dutch gays are in doubt. Polls by Gay Magazine "De Gaykrant" (Dutch) show that a quarter of Dutch gays support the Freedom Party.

And that is the best description of Liberalism in Multicultural Holland. It is being doubted by its core adherents.

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