Monday, July 06, 2009

Moroccan violence, killing unsettles Amsterdam

In the last few days there was an unsettling amount of violence in Amsterdam. The violence was concentrated in a small area. It was all close to the Leidseplein, a area with a large number of bars and restaurants.

The violence is structural. Politicians persist in calling it incidents and go on suggesting remedies which have nothing to do with the underlying ethnic and religious incompatibility.

The victims and the crimes

On 29 June two lesbian women were beaten up. Very serious, one of the women had to be taken to hospital. the beating was very serious. Her friend saved her life, by protecting her by covering her with her own body.
On 4 July a woman, Noëlle, was beaten up. She broke her foot.
On 5 July a man, Rob Sitek, was killed by a taxidriver in a row over the taxifare. The taxidriver, a kickboxer, hit his victim on the head. The victim fell and and hit the curb with his head. He died in hospital a few hours later.

The culprits

In all the cases the culprits were identified as Muslims and more specifically Moroccans.

Violence in a small area

The picture shows the ID card of the Taxidriver.

The incident is more poignant due to the fact that the victim is a brother of a ambulance brother who was threatened by Maroccans earlier this year. The brothers are very popular amongst the people in their neighbourhoods.

The widow called on the politicians to solve the problem once and for all so that her daughters would be able to go out safely.

Does one see a pattern here?

The MSM and the politicians try to surpress this news and the identity of the culprits. When populist internet media uncover the truth they obfuscate and propose measures that have no relation to the issue of incompatibility between groups in a Multicultural society.

The Mayor of Amsterdam, Job Cohen has called for a revision of the Taxi Law. The other two assaults are called incidents.

If something happens on a regular basis it is structural not incidental. The Multicultural society has to be denounced for the failure that it is. Those groups who do not fit in must be held under scrutiny and if their reliability is in doubt they must be expelled.

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