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Hells Angels on the March

War that is not between states

In order to understand warfare as it is today military theorists such as Israeli Professor Martin van Creveld and American William Lind pioneered new concepts of war such as Non-Trinitarian Warfare and 4th Generation Warfare respectively. In these concepts wars are not just fought between states (Allies against Axis), but also between states and nonstate forces (Israel against Hamas) and sometimes between just non-state actors (Northern Alliance against Al-Qaida in Afghanistan in 2001).

The concept of Non-Trinitarian War as Martin van Creveld calls Non-Trinitarian Warfare is becoming more widely debated lately as evidenced by lively discussions on blogs such as Gates of Vienna recently. The subject is gangwars in Danmark.

www.islamineurope.net has previously featured two stories on the Amsterdam Hells Angels by Snouck, one of

11 april 2007 Hells Angels "Banished from Eden" and
23 april 2006 Hells Angels "Organized Crime in constant state of reorganisation"

The Hell's Angels are a important organized criminal force in Europe. In Denmark the local chapters of the Hell's Angels are under pressure from gangs of immigrants who are fighting with them for territory. The Hells Angels have started a new organisation AK 81 to recruit Danes and add musle to their force, without diluting the cohesion and standing of the core Hells Angels. The cement of the alliance is the notion that both non-criminal ethnic Danes and the Hells Angels are under threat from immigrant gang violence. The Hells Angels can provide leadership and organisation for Danes who want security from the violent ethnic gangs.

Propaganda is the key to win the support of the population

In order to influence public opinion an unnamed author wrote an piece on the danger of the gangs of immigrant thugs to Danish society. The article was published on the website of the Danish Chapter of the Hells Angels and is called the "Jackal Manifesto". It was translated by Henrik Raeder Clausen and the translation was published on the Gates of Vienna (GoV) blog.

Development of Non-Trinitarian Warfare in Denmark and the Future

Next GoV published a piece by the hand of Baron Bodissey titled "Drawing the line".

In "Drawing the line" the Baron draws a parallel between the rise of feudalism after the collapse of the Roman Empire and the rise of Crime Organisations who become protectors of the people.

The debate

I forecast that we will see many more of the ideas of Martin van Creveld debated in the future. The concepts that belong to wars between states do no provide a lot of insight in the conlflicts the West is finding itself in as a result of the actions of Jihadists. This is worsened by the effect on society of Muslim colonisation of Western land as a result of mass immigration.

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