Friday, May 22, 2009

Freedom Party grows in Amsterdam

Freedom Party increases share of the vote in Amsterdam

Amsterdam newspaper "Het Parool" reports that more and more people indicate that they will vote for Geert Wilders' Freedom Party (PVV) in the elections. This report was made in collaboration with the Research and Statistics Service (O + S) of the Municipality of Amsterdam.

More than doubling its share

A few months ago the Freedom Party polled at 3 percent. This has now become 7 percent. The fact that the Freedom Party is strengthening is especially significant, due to the overwhelmingly Left-Liberal profile of the electorate in Amsterdam. The Freedom Party especially polls well with well-educated voters.

Many groups are showing support for the Freedom Party

Remarkably it is not just Ethnic Whites who are switching to the Freedom Party. In addition to white working class voters from Red Bulwarks, Jews and Chinese are increasingly showing support for the Freedom Party.

Practical obstacles

In a reaction Hero Brinkman of the Freedom Party said that it is unclear whether the party will field any candidate in Amsterdam. He said there is a dearth of good people in their organisation in Amsterdam.

The dominant Amsterdam Labour Party (Dutch) reacted divided to the news. Influential members voiced opinions for and against future co-operation with the Freedom Party branch in Amsterdam. Another main Amsterdam party, the Liberal-Conservative VVD, reacted positively to the idea of future co-operation with the Freedom Party.

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