Friday, May 29, 2009

The Dutch State accounts for some of its policies

Accounting Day: policies and financial reports

Yesterday 28 May was "accounting day" in the parliament of The Netherlands. This is the day that all departments publish their financial reports and relate them to their goals. The 2009 accounts relate each department's financial reports for 2008 related to their set goals in September 2007 on "Prinsjesdag".

The Elephant in the room

One report was conspicuous by its absence. The number one issue in the mind of the public is the state of the society as a result of post 1960ies mass-immigration. Since 2001 this issue has mesmerized the public.

The leader of the Freedom Party (PVV), Geert Wilders, remarked on this inexplicable state of affairs:

Chairman: this government does absolutely not account for the effects of mass immigration on the economy. The Dutch Central Statistics Office (CBS) calculates a 100 Billion Euro damages

The reports of the costs and damages of mass-immigration by the CBS which Mr. Wilders quoted were not part of any report by any department.

What has Wilders achieved here?

Mr. Wilders made an excellent point here. Dutch politicians and bureaucrats avoid real accountability like a plague. Political-Correctness was invented in an Orwellian attempt to obfuscate matters concerning Multiculturalism and mass-immigration. If Mr. Wilders presses this matter there will be considerable pressure from Dutch society on the political establishment to report truthfully on the extra costs and revenues generated by third world immigrants. And whether their balance is positive or negative.

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