Monday, May 04, 2009

Don't built those mosques in Holland

An established Christian Party against Islamization

An Orthodox Calvinist Political Party in The Netherlands, the SGP, remains opposed to the building of mosques (Dutch), stated SGP chairman of the SGP Youth organisation Jan Kloosterman.

The Bible as their foundation

Mr. Kloosterman founded his party's opposition to mosque construction on the Holy Bible. The SGP sees the Scripture as it has been seen in the last 1,900 years, as stating a belief in human difference. The SGP has been out of step on this issue with most the rest of Dutch society for 30 years, without making a fuss about it. Due to the problems with Islam in Europe the party's ideas are gaining more attention than before. On the other hand the Calvinist churches which have many voters for the SGP are sometimes compared to Islam, because their ideas can be seen as Theocratic.

Should the State support the Church?

This can be illustrated by something Mr. Kloosterman said about closing the roughly 500 mosques in The Netherlands: "He thought the State should assist Churches to proselitize in areas that contain mosques".

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