Monday, May 04, 2009

The Color of Crime in Holland: Criminals on the loose

Violent crime in Western society has a particular face

Mugshots on Dutch website "Police is looking for.." today on May the Fourth. All the faces on the mugshots are foreigners, mostly immigrants from North Africa and the Caribbean.

God knows how much Evil these people committed between them. If these people had not been allowed into the country, The Netherlands would be a safer place. There would be less fear between people. The Netherlands would be a high trust society like it was 20 years ago.

Commemorate those who died

Today is the Day that the Dutch commemorate those who died under German (and Japanese) occupation. From a day to remember the fighters, soldiers and officers of Dutch Army and nnational recistance, May the Fourth has been turned into a day of high minded declarations against Fascism and Racism by the "Post-war resistance". In effect it has become a day against National Pride.

The New Occupation

But the truth is that we are occupied again. Not by a army under a single unified command, but by a host of settlers to whom the lives and property of ethnic Dutchmen means nothing.

Our Call

This time the British and Americans will not come to our aid. We have to do it ourselves.

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