Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Poll: half of Dutch population sees Islam as a threat, a firm specialized in public opinion and polls published a report on attitudes of Dutch voters regarding Islam. The cause was Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders' call to ban the Quran. This poll was already mentioned on the KleinVerzet blog by a MAUDLIN Erwin. I commented on his conclusion a few days ago.

The question: "Does the presence of the Islam in our country represent an enrichment or a threat or neither?

Fifty-one percent of the sample replied Islam is a threat. The sample was broken up according to the party the respondent voted in the last election. Ninety-nine percent of the sample that voted for the Conservative Freedom Party of Geert Wilders said Islam was a threat. The other big rightwing party supporters (CDA and VVD) showed a sixty to seventy percent rate of those who thought Islam is a menace to society. The small Christian Union supporters showed only thirty-four percent thought Islam is a threat, but their supporters are mostly in the little affeced countryside. Amazingly thirty-four percent of Labour Party supporters and thirty-seven percent of the hardline leftist Socialist Party supporters thought the presence of Islam threatens Dutch society and is no enrichment. And just eleven percent of the posh but small Greens viewed Islam as a threat.

So the view that Islam is a threat to society is widely held in the Netherlands, the majority view. This view is held by the overwhelming majority of those who identify with the Right and by a large minority of those who support the Left.

Finally, those who support the right are consistently slightly bigger than those who support the Left in The Netherland. Since 1972 however the media and political establishment are far more Leftist in their views than the population.

To condense it in one slogan: Multicultural ideology is dead in The Netherland. As far as the population is concerned. The political, academic and media elites are still ambling along as if nothing happened.

For those who read Dutch here is the link to the site with the research:

The document can be found under: "09-08-2007 Geert Wilders en de Koran"

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