Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Neo-Marxist Quandary

Ehsan Jami, the apostate of Islam was assaulted by three dark-skinned men for his apostacy. They threatened him with death. As happened to Ayaan Hirsi Ali. And as happens all the time in the Muslim world.

According to the mainstream, which is liberalism, all cultures and religions are equal. So Islam is equal to Bhuddism. Or Christianity. This late form liberalism is the latest incarnation of Marxism. Neo-Marxism or post-1989-Marxism. All opinion makers in Western countries are such Neo-Marxists.

When there are phenomenona that do not fit in the Neo-Marxist thinking pattern appear the opinion makers will ignore them. But sometimes there are incidents that are too big to ignore. Such as the 2002 Fortuyn election and the assassination of Van Gogh. Opinion makers have to deal with a reality that defies their ideology.

This peeves them. They get angry. This means they may actually be wrong. Which means their hegemony may be threatened. They may hit wildly about them.

When Theo van Gogh was assassinated by Mohammed Bouyeri many in the media elite wrote that it was his own fault for making "Submission". When Ayaan Hirsi Ali was threathened it was said that she was making it up in order to dramatize her situation. (In the end Ayaan was shown to be something of a cheat in her asylum request. She had never fled a war, but lived safely in Kenya and this destroyed her reputation with many Dutchmen. This was exposed by the media. They are not always wrong.)

When Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders was threathened for his criticism of Islam and the Islamic presence in The Netherlands it was his own fault that he requires a permanent four man body guard, like Ayaan in order to survive. He should have been more sensitive. Should have toed the party line. It was implied that Muslims are right to seek to kill critics. There was a shocking cartoon in Vrij Nederland, showing Geert Wilders as a coward, a man cowering behind his bodyguard. This was after TWO assasinations for a political purpose and in relation to Islam.

Now Ehsan Jami, the aspiring Labour politician founded a committee of ex-muslims, of apostates. Critisized Islam and was attacked for it by three men. His contact details were made public by a internet forum for Morroccans. He received a deluge of hate mail and phone calls.

And opinion leaders are jumping in the fray in order to cast doubt on the attack. Sociologist J.A.A. van Doorn published two pieces in two national newspapers, Trouw (Dutch) and NRC Handelsblad stating among other things: "It would seem that not only did Ehsan bait his victimhood with rough insults of Islam, but he even made it up."

Rudie Kagie, editor of Vrij Nederland, (Dutch) another snobbish leftist magazine did something similar. A part of the press corps jumped on top of this and started to question the reality of the attack on Ehsan using the testimony of one of the witnesses, who made some mistakes in his report and denied that Ehsan was hid and was bleeding. Various other witnesses gave conclusive testimony asserting that Ehsan was hit by a Somali, fell down unconcious that his girlfriend was molested and that Ehsan was insulted and singled out for insulting Mohammed.

All this to protect the Neo-Marxist worldview from inconvenient and damaging facts. To engage in incestious groupthink and to maintain conformism.

Meanwhile, white voters are leaving the Labour party in droves, running towards the anti-EU Socialist Party and the Conservative Freedom Party, where Geert Wilders called for a ban of the Quran, because it was a cause of intolerance. Wilders' story proved itself by the story of Ehsan, which happened at the same time. Polls show that the Freedom Party rose to 19 seats from 9 while Labour stands at 23 down from 33 during the last election.

In other words, the strategy of population replacement is backfiring for the Left. They lose their voters quicker than they can be imported. Only the SP is gaining votes of working whites. The right is also gaining cumulatively in the polls vis-a-vis the left.

In conclusion: right now this Labour Party weakness means that the Christian-Labour coalition is becoming increasingly unstable. And it is just in its first year.

The centre of Dutch politics is weakening. Politics is getting more and more polarised, with centrist parties weakening and hardline Leftist and Rightist parties making strong gains. It will be more and more difficult to put coalitions together and they will have a hard time remaining in power for the full term.

Neo-Marxism and mass immigration are a recipe for political instability. Societies going down this path seem to become ungovernable as can be seen in France, The Netherlands and the UK.

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