Friday, August 17, 2007

Brussels demo against Islamisation

Cassandra wrote:
"I've been scanning your blog in vein for any mention of the 9/11 rally in Brussels by the Stop Islamization of Europe organization. I would have thought this might be of interest to you. Your views?"

My view is that it is great. That is to say it is great if there will be a significant number of people: say 5.000. Even though mayor Thielemans has not given permnission for the demonstration. Vlaams Belang leader DeWinter has invited everybody to celebrate his birthday, so that seems a good reason to congegrate.

Brussels also has many excellent restaurants. I strongly suggest that all readers of this blog that can make it take the day, go to Brussels, visit the De Wetsstraat (where the demonstration is) and have a nice meal before heading home. If you are arrested for celebrating with a Patriot it will make things so much more interesting. And a nice story to tell the kids.

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