Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Liberalism bites its own behind

Last weekend Amsterdam saw another installment of its hysterically touted "Gay Pride". The Amsterdam Gay Pride is a flotilla of party boats sailing on the Amsterdam canals in a column:
The flotilla and party afterward is one of the biggest of the year in Amsterdam, and one in which the city upholds its reputation as one of Europe's gayest capitals.
It is an opportunity for Liberals to wallow in smugness. "We are the best! The most tolerant and inclusive lot in the world. Big applause for ourselves!"

But the openness and inclusiveness also allow in masses of Third Worlders into the Netherlands. And thus into liberal Amsterdam. And these Third Worlders are decidedly unliberal in their outlook. As a result the Amsterdam Gay Pride was marred by attacks on gay revellers by Muslim youth for the past 5 years or so.

This year the message of the Pride was a call for tolerance and the spokesman of the Parade and several of the floats carried messages about gay bashing in general and immigrant gay bashing in particular:
Elferink of the COC (Gay rights organisation) disputed that the rise in attacks was due to better reporting.
An Irishman and a Spaniard plus two Americans, all gays (Dutch), were attacked during the weekend. Gay rights organisations called for harsher measures against gay bashers, including collective punishment against groups of people when one of the members of the group attacks gays.

The Irishmen is actually seriously injured, with a broken jaw, a broken nose and a dislocated joint in the neck.

Instead of calling for special protection under the law for special groups, Dutch society should start enforcing existing law, old-fashioned law and order and the borders. This means that all Thirld World immigration should cease.

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