Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Elite Dhimmitude and nationhood

Laurence Auster, at VFR wrote: "Meanwhile Peter Hitchens suggests that there is nothing to be done about this ongoing surrender to Islam, because the problem is not that official Britain hasn't realized what is happening. The problem is not that official Britain has realized what is happening but is too cowardly and intimidated to do anything about it. The problem is that official Britain has already consciously accepted what is happening and has signed on to

Is the whole Western elite a doormat to Muslims? Let's look at this weekends news as the Sun brings it: "Sir Ian is "bloody furious" after the woman - one of 200 officers at a passing-out parade - said it was against her religion to accept a congratulatory handshake."

It seems that Blair has a problem with a personal insult.

Similarly something similar happened when Minister Rita "Iron" Verdonk was refused a handshake by a Syrian Imam, on a naturalisation meeting of Imams. Verdonk reacted personally insulted. The incident led to creation of a new word:

BBC: "Another new word is "handweigeraar" - or hand refuser, coined after an imam refused to shake hands with the right-wing former Immigration Minister Rita Verdonk"

There have been a number of calls by Dutch politicians to expell radical imams and some imams have been expelled (I think the number is less than a dozen).

As a result imams are leaving the Netherlands in droves because of the difficult conditions: "many imams are packing and leaving the Netherlands for more tolerant European societies."


"He (Osalah) complained that imams and mosques are always blamed for the actions of a handful of Muslims, citing the killing of Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh in 2004 for his anti-Islam film "Submission."

"The media and politicians immediately pointed the finger at imams as the main instigators," Osalah recalled, who has a Moroccan origin." (Hat Tip Esther).

Two points: one, it seems that Western leaders react to personal insults by immigrants. But have no problem with an insult to their nations.

As a result of the strong individualism that dominant liberal culture immerses us in Western leaders may perceive insults to themselves, without even noticing the insults to their nations. They have no sense of being part of a national body, proprioception of the collective, hence such non-dhimmi leaders miss the most important impact of such slights from the point of view of their own nations and the umma of Islam.

Two: in 2000 I spoke to a Muslim who immigrated from Denmark to The Netherlands, because "the Danes were unbearably hostile to Muslims. At the time I said nothing but thought to myself "this hostility is building up here as well. Just wait 5 years and you 'll have to move again". Even incoherent liberal hostility to Islam has an effect on the presence of Muslims and their communities. It does not turn the situation around, but has an effect of slowing down the invasion and improves the chances of the Danes and the Dutch to resist a Muslim take over.

Although our nations are rotting at the head other parts of the body are still showing life. Whether it will be enough hangs in the balance.

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