Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Dutch Political class adapts to new realities

Dutch newspaper AD wrote two weeks ago that the State has bought a well-defendable villa in Wassenaar. The purpose of the villa is to serve as a secure house for threatened politicians.

To this purpose the villa is fitted with a fence, gates, surveillance infrastructure, electronic links to security services and secure access roads (Dutch) which can be locked and controlled by security personnel.

The purchase became public because a letter was send to the neighbours of the villa. Wassenaar is a "golden ghetto" of millionaires, bureaucrats and politicians near The Hague, The Hague is the seat of Government of The Netherlands.

The cause for the purchase is the growing insecurity of the Dutch political cartel. The Netherlands used to be a country famous for it laid back political style, exemplyfied by Government Ministers commuting to work by bike. Since the assasination of Pim Fortuyn however there has been an avalanche of death threats against politicians. Mostly by irate ethnic Dutchmen, but also by Jihadis who wish to increase the rate of Dhimmification of The Netherlands.

As such it is the foreseeable consequense of Multiculturalism and mass immigration, which are important components of Liberalism.

So the politico's are creating a secure environment for themselves.

But what about the rest of the population?

Previously I blogged about the Middle Ages coming to Western society.

What do the Middle Ages look like in The Netherlands?

The way the Middle Ages come to Western society can be observed in residential construction projects undertaken by realtors and developers that pick up the trends and run with them.

Slot Holterveste

This is an example of Dutch style gated communities for the well-off. NRC Handelsblad has an article from a few years ago describing this trend and showing that these post-modern castles are really "gated communities" (Dutch)

There are actually architects specialising in this kind of ostentatious security complexes. They are the result of the growing insecurity as a result of immigration, lackadaisical policing and punishing of crime and cultural fragmentation as a result of post-modernism and proliferation of media and the fragmentation of audiences.

So the political class and the rich know how to secure and protect themselves. The middle class is slowly waking up to the new reality.

The working class is the big loser of these developments and responds sometimes by joining extremist youth gangs, known as "Lonsdale Youth".

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