Friday, December 29, 2006

Jede Konsequenz fuehrt zum Teufel

The Guardian has the news, with the usual Spiel:
Spain is to hire 180,000 immigrants in their countries of origin next year in an effort to stem illegal immigration while satisfying its demand for cheap labour.
It seems the business lobby in Spain is going full speed ahead in national destruction as we can see in the rest of the Western world.

Spain used to have a unemployment rate of 20 percent of the work force. Under the Conservative Aznar government in the 90ies economic growth was high as a result of curbing government spending and lowering taxes. Unemployment fell to 7,6 percent, which is still too high. Under the present Socialist government economic growth is faltering.

The business lobby, especially of big business in agriculture, construction and tourism, with are always hungry for achieving competitive advantages against smaller businesses by gaining cheap and docile labour is recruiting on a big scale in Morocco. Morroccans are notoriously difficult to intergrate into European society.

The social and economic costs of this immigration are dumped on larger society. As soon as the immigrant gain rights in Spain they will be replaced by newer, cheaper labour. They will then go on the dole, and bring in relatives who will receive state support at the expense of the tax payer.

And it will not just be the Spanish tax payer. Due to the 1985 Schengen treaty, the immigrants can freely travel and live all across the EU, so they may well end up in other countries were the state is more generous, i.e. the more northern European countries, such as Germany and The Netherlands.

As a German idiom has it: "Consequenses lead to Satan"

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