Sunday, September 10, 2006

Labour knee-jerks

The Dutch Labour Party released a study this week by parlementarians Nebahat Albayrak and Bert Koenders.

The report proposes to win the hearts and minds of Muslims. By buying them.

The parliamentarians propose a comprehensive program to bribe the Muslims into loving The Netherlands and our Western way of life.

- Imamschools must be financed, using tax money;
- moderate books about Islam must be subsidized, using tax money;
- foreing policy must be more critical of the Americans, be more hostile to the USA;
- discrimination must be fought more strongly;

The report "Van wijk tot Wereld" ("from the 'hood to the world") singels out Rita Verdonk for having it made impossible for Muslims to integrate, thusly failing to fight terrorism.

The present Cabinet has ignored the "complicated national and international background of the War against the Jihadists". Foreign policy has been too servile towards Bush' policy on Iraq and Afghanistan.

The authors see a big role for the state in integrating Muslims into Western society. By bending over for the immigrant population these will become part of the fabric of Dutch society.

For sure. There is nothing the state cannot do, if it is well-directed. We must all say this and believe this. The state is a great thing. It can suspend gravity if it wishes it so.

If we parrot the Labour Party line and pay our taxes everything will be alright and apart from that there is nothing we have to do.


nouille said...

foreing policy must be more critical of the Americans, be more hostile to the USA;


Hyphenated Canadian said...

The Netherlands sounds like Canada. We suffer from a common disease: multiculturalism.

gandalf said...

Snouck, do you know about this

AMSTERDAM, 17/12/05 - The Netherlands will never be what is was once. And that must be accepted, according to Labour (PvdA) leader Wouter Bos. "Islam is here to stay," he declares in his book 'Dit land kan zoveel beter' (This country can do so much better).

People who deny that Islam forms part of Dutch society propagate "a politics of nostalgic illusions". Bos presses for "binding leadership" and a combination of solidarity, sympathy and fellowship among all residents of the Netherlands. His fear is that a middle class develops that feels no solidarity at all with a permanent 'underclass' that may eventually consist of two million people without prospects, Bos stated.

gandalf said...

here is the link

"Bos says Islam is here to stay

Ferdy said...

Most people focus on Moslems, but that could be like focusing on a symptom. How is it possible that they have so much influence anyway? I prefer to describe it the following way:

Europe has AIDS, a disease that has broken down its self-defense system. The Moslems are just an infection like, pneumonia. This Pneumonia can kill you, but only because you’re self-defense systems is down.

The AIDS is a political ideology, to be precise, the ideology of political correctness. This political correctness make’s it impossible for a society to see their problems, let alone fix them. So it make’s our society defenseless.

An excellent, but short description, can found in a new published book:

The Retreat of Reason
Anthony Browne
ISBN 1903386470

A review can be found here (Dutch language):