Sunday, September 10, 2006

Arrests amongst a Flemish Neo-Nazi group

Islam in Europe reports that Belgian police arrested a group of members of the Belgian Military which: "busied itself with talking about plans, collecting weapons and explosives and playing war games."

So that is illegal possession of arms basically. Plus talking. And playing too.

The police spokesman stated also: "Though there were no concrete plans".

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Esther said...

In the Netherlands, Samir Azzouz was released for "just planning" terror attacks. He's still in jail only because he had other plans too. Just because they didn't have a definite plan and were only discussing their plans doesn't mean they should not be taken seriously.

I certainly hope the Belgian authorities don't follow the Dutch model and wait till terrorists have their plans all worked out before they can be put in jail.

There is a lot of talk about Muslim extremists in the army, but so far, there has been no such case like this. It is quite important that extremists in the army managed to collect a weapon and explosives cache. Did nobody in the military notice they were missing?