Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Verdonk not elected as VVD party leader

This news is just out.

Mrs. "hardline" Verdonk (Dutch) was not elected to party leader of the Liberal Conservative VVD. Instead Marc Rutte, the candidate put forward by the VVD hierarchy has been elected by the VVD membership.

This is in my opinion a positive development. Mrs. Verdonk does not have the necessary quality to operate on party leadership level.


Anonymous said...

Snouck, what is Rutte like? Is he as hard nosed as Verdonk? Thank you in advance.

Snouck said...

He is soft-nosed. Wishy-washy. Smart, and representative of the upper-class part of the VVD.

Verdonk has the support of the Fortuynist real estate developers and builders, also VVD. They have a lot of money and often finance right wing initiatives such as Fortuyn and Verdonk.

So these are the two different groups within the VVD. New money versus old money. The old money believes they are untouchable and the new money does not agree and is anti-immigrant, despite the economic benefits for the rich.