Saturday, May 13, 2006

Hirsi Ali controversy breaking out

The lies Hirsi Ali (Dutch) told to get into The Netherlands are coming out in the open.
Somali-born Hirsi Ali lied when she was 22 in order to get asylum in the Netherlands and improve her life.

News programme Zembla reported on 11 May that Hirsi Ali hid her actual name, Hirsi Magan, and her age when she sought asylum here in 1992. Immigration officials might otherwise have established she was under the care of the UNHCR in Kenya.
She was granted asylum here in a record five weeks. How come?

She told a heart-rending story about having to flee Somalia to escape an arranged marriage, went to a refugee camp in Kenya, and from there got to the Netherlands. Once here, she faced the constant fear of retribution from her angry family.

The right story for an asylum seeker. And she has made good in the intervening years. A member of parliament for the VVD, she has not flinched from her criticism of aspects of Islam and Muslim immigration despite numerous death threats.
Hirsi Ali was living in Kenya for over 10 years before coming here and didn't experience five civil wars in Somalia as prominent VVD member and current EU commissioner Nelie Kroes claimed in 2002.

Hirsi Ali said, and the VVD confirms, she told them back then she had lied to the immigration service. Why then did the VVD present Hirsi Ali as a person who survived the turmoil in Somalia?

And if Hirsi Ali was so afraid of retribution from her family why did she contact a Dutch-based family member on arrival. Why did she appear in a documentary made by the Dutch Muslim broadcaster within a year? Why did she maintain contact with her father? And why did members of her family tell Zembla that Hirsi Ali was present and happy at her wedding when she maintained she was neither.
Let us not be fooled here. It was well known that Hirsi Ali lied to get into The Netherlands. It is well known that 90 percent of Asylum seekers are well-off persons from the third world using the Asylum laws to get into The Netherlands over the back of the local population.

Hirsi Ali is a member of a well-off Somali family that is using the hospitality of The Netherlands to go on her personal Jihad against Islamic theocracy. That is a nice goal, but it would be better if she would be doing that from her own country, using her own family and tribe's resources, instead of using us and ours.


Anonymous said...

I remember Fjordman lambasting me for even bringing up the notion that Europe does not need her non-Europeans. I would prefer all, though I will settle for most being sent back to their places of origin. He stated that the fight is with Islam, as that was his lightning rod. He gave Ali as an example of a "good" non-European. I stated then, as I do now, were it not for Europe's foolish largesse, we would not be in "need" of Ali's help. As you correctly state, she has an axe to grind and is using us to bludgeon Islam. Were it not for this major issue, she would not have a problem bringing in all of Africa into Europe. She is no friend. Thanks for writing about it.

anonymous said...

wow this is crazy! I was using her as the opposition in my composition essay. I'm a Muslim that lives in America and I was ashamed to know that a woman like her exists when I first saw how she was promoting false information about Islam and Muslim women. Now I am not only ashamed that she is claiming to be Muslim, I am ashamed that she is a human being. She and all others like her are an embarrassment to their family, their religion, their homeland and the human race in general.

Fjordman said...

Ethnocentrist: I still have to disagree with you on some points, but you are right that this is not all about Islam. Islam is a secondary infection. Non-Muslim immigration in unlimited numbers is also not without its problems. I wrote about this in my latest essay at the Gates of Vienna, and will write more about it later.

Anonymous said...

Hey Fjordman! Good to see you around. I'll make sure to check out GoV on a regular basis. I read your post in the Brussels Journal a while back as well.

You are correct mass immigration of any kind has problems and will alter a nation, period. The immigrants per se are not the problem. The elite, pushing forth unwanted ideology that is rejected by an overt majority of people and ignoring the will of Europeans, are.

Fjordman said...

Ethnocentrist: The question is, do we still have time to correct this, or is the damage already done and the momentum too strong to fix the continent?

I hope we still have time to reverse this, otherwise the West will truly be finished this time.

Anonymous said...

Fjordman, I remember one of the last things you wrote to me on your blog and that was, there will be casualities with respect to European nations when this is all said and done. I waver back and forth on this issue. Somedays I think so and others I think not. The goal is to save the continent, first and foremost. The countries in greatest jeopardy are France, Sweden, and England in my view. Holland has enough people and is small enough to survive though Snouck is a better judge here. We'll see in 2007 about France and England has enough old English spirit, especially outside the main cities to survive. I honestly do not know about the Swedes. You know better than I about Norway, though from over here, Norway does not seem to be as bad.

Remember, it took half a century to lull people into this self-destructive funk. It takes time to get out of it. Most people are still too complacent in their thinking. When the numbers, our numbers, start to reach critical mass then the events will start occuring quite rapidly. Remember also, the umpteen million of Muslims in Europe are not all young male adult rebels. Most are women and children as well as elderly.

I still think an all out war is avoidable because if we implement "hostile" or anti-immigrant legislation, that will drive many, many away. The remainder can be handled more easily. Where will these immigrants go? Probably the US, Canada, or back home. As I said on GoV, the US is already an apparition of its old self.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention Germany in the list of countries as well, though German resolve is quite strong despite 60 years of guilt induction thanks to long dead Nazis.

Needless to say, the problem is immense, though at the present time, not insurmountable.

Pim's Ghost said...

I, as an American interested to rather absurd extremes (obviously, as my name indicates) in Dutch politics, am still trying to get a decent handle on the controvery with both Hirsi Ali and Rita Verdonk. I've heard both praised, yet in America Hirsi Ali has reached almost the status of a rock star it seems. I do not think that the American discussions of this controversy at present are what they could be intellectually without input from Dutch sources. But then I do spend quite a bit of time trying to read and study Dutch, and am somewhat abnormal in that regard as an American.

Fjordman, I'm glad to see you here! We last spoke in the comments for your article at Gates of Vienna and I loved that essay as well as yours that appeared at I'm only sad that I did not discover the web in time to have seen your site which I have heard about in glowing terms from everyone! But I enjoy the writings you still post around from time to time.

I do agree that there will be casualties in this war, and make no mistake, this is war. A reading of the Muslim Brotherhood "project" regarding the West which has come to light (from 1982) reads now like a checklist of things that have been almost all accomplished in the West since that time, both in Europe and America. With such entrenched enemies, casualties are inevevitible. But then I am an advocate of "Total War" and nothing less, as anything less has historically proven of little value.