Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Cover Up?

Two investigative journalists of "De Telegraaf" have been arrested for harming State Secrets by the office of the public prosecutor in Breda, The Netherlands.

The journalists (Dutch), Bart Mos and Joost de Haas have published part (Dutch) of an Dutch Internal Security and Intelligence Service (AIVD) report. The report concerned the activities of a major Dutch mafioso and criminal, mr. Mink K. The report had been leaked to criminals by high placed officials of the Ministry of Justice.

This same Ministry of Justice has now arrested the two Dutch journalists and has been putting pressure on them, taking DNA-material from them and interrogating them for hours, yesterday (Tuesday).

The incident has the appearance of a cover-up of corruption at high level in the Dutch Judiciary. There are persistent reports of infiltration by criminal networks of the Dutch police and judiciary in the past 15 years.

(This news has been out since this morning and only De Telegraaf, Elsevier and De Gelderlander have carried it, as far as I can tell).

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