Friday, March 10, 2006

Verdicts in Hofstad trial

The Hofstad trial is coming to a close. The Court has convicted nine members of the Hofstad terror cell. Five suspects went free. The cell members were part of a terrorist and criminal enterprise which had as its goals incitement, hate mongering and intimidation

Jason Walters and Ismael A. received stiff penalties. They received fifteen and thirteen years penalties respectively. During their arrest they injured members of the SWAT-team with an handgranade. Nouriddin el F. got a five year verdict. He was an agressive recruiter of Jihadis.

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Pim's Ghost said...

Yes! And once I take a baseball bat to Volkert van der Graaf's head the cycle will be complete!

Thank you for this site. I'm learning Dutch rather backwards and following the news isn't always easy for me in Dutch.