Sunday, January 08, 2006

Riots in Belgium

The latest news from the MultiCultural front (hat tip, Esther). 150 Belgian and immigrant youths have been fighting last night. The fighting took place in the town of Diest between midnight and 02:00 in the morning. The Diest PD had to request for reinforcement from Brussels. Riot police used water cannon to disperse the rioters.

Diest is situated between Antwerp and Maastricht.

Related not so new news: North Africans attacked a High speed train running in the South of France on New years Day. A woman was sexually assaulted and passengers were robbed. The rioters screamed "Die, you are going to die" at the terrified passengers.

This is similar to the constant robberies by North Africans on the trains running between Schiphol Airport and Amsterdam Main Railway Station. The North African prefer robbing Americans. Despite the fact that the 50 plus robbers were known for years and were collectively assisted and followed by 130 (!!!) social workers and policemen (more social workers, really) it was not possible for the Dutch authorities to stop the robbers. Eventually the main hotspot for the robberies, Station Lelylaan, was secured by a private security company. Station Lelylaan is the train Station in Amsterdam-West where suspected terrorist Nouredine el Fahtni of the "Hofstad" cell of terrorists was arrested, carrying a sub machine gun.


RobertinArabia said...

Dear Snouck,
Where I live the police put a stop to gangs of thieves with dramatic swiftness and the punishments are public and permanent.
Perhaps the Netherlands needs a reincarnation of Seyss-Inquart as head of your police.
Even in my homeland (the USA)policing is not yet confused with social work.

Snouck said...

Seyss-Inquart was not the head of the Dutch Police in that Era. A official by the name of Rauter was. He (Rauter) was killed by Dutch resistance in the last days of the war. The old occupiers killed more than a hundred Dutchmen in reprisal.

My maternal grandfather was arrested by the police in 1941 and taken away to a tour of various camps in The Netherlands and Germany. He was not accussed of anything, the Germans called this "Sippenhaft". This means that he was a hostage and would be executed if there were attacks on German forces. While he was a guest of Germany for two years there were various people from his group taken by the Germans and executed in reprisal.

The English too used something like Sippenhaft in the war against the Dutch (Afrikaners) in South Africa(1899-1902). The Israelis now destroy the property and lifelyhoods of Palestinian relatives of terrorists who kill Jews.

These methods as used under occupation are very harsh both on the occupied and the occupier. Sometimes they work, often times they do not. Grandfather's father in-law was a member of a Calvinist Christian underground cell that resisted the occupation.

Instead of resorting to the methods of policestates, I deem it preferable to clean The Netherlands and Europe from the presence of the new occupiers. No need for measures such as collective punishment and maintanance and reaffirmation of the rights of Ethnic Dutch and Euro people. Still many people here consider my goal unusually harsh.

The legacy of Seys-Inquart is bitterness and hatred between two closely related peoples, the Dutch and the Germans. We are slowly getting over this legacy.

Unfortunately today both Dutchmen and Germans are being robbed of their freedoms in order to establish Multicultural dictatorships. But take away the new occupiers and the need for unusual police methods dissapears. A mono-ethnic and culturally cohesive society is a society of free citizens. That is something to fight, kill and die for!

By the way the Dutch police was doing quite well until the early 70ties, using traditional police methods similar as used in Berlin and Paris before the Era of the dictatorships. Crime was almost non-existant in those days. Violent crime almost unthinkable apart from the drunken rioting of sailors and students. And the normal fighting that is endemic in the countryside allowing testosterone driven males to let their hair down.

Actually the police in The Netherlands are toughening up these days.

RobertinArabia said...

Dear Snouck,
I sit corrected and awed by such a well-balanced response especially considering your family history.
Where I live citizenship is only granted to Moslem immigrants of at least ten years residence and who can provide proof of providing substantial economic benefits to Saudi Arabia.
By the way, Eisenhower announced a policy of shooting 100 German hostages for any American soldiers killed by any post-defeat German resistance.
Do you read the War Nerd at
Very respectfully,

Snouck said...

Robertin Arabia:
"Where I live citizenship is only granted to Moslem immigrants of at least ten years residence and who can provide proof of providing substantial economic benefits to Saudi Arabia."


well, that is how it should be. Obviously the Saudi's are a bunch of backward desert dweller. Even acquiring the engineering know-how to run their oil fields is way beyond them.

Still, their policy of only allowing citizenship to people with the same heritage makes perfect sense. If these camel herders understand it, why don't we and our leaders understand it?

The brother of my mother works a lot in Saudi Arabia and he has lived in Iraq for a 20 years too. He is not an oil engineer, though.

He is very hostile to Muslim immigration too. Still a lot of people who never have been out of Europe regard him as a bigot.

I did not know that thing about Eisenhower. Funny too if you realise that he is from German ancestry (Eisenhauer). Could you perhaps point me towards a source?

I have known the war nerd at for over a year. I love him. I regard myself as something of a warnerd. The warnerd knows things I was sure only I knew :-(

Well he pricked my balloon. I want to take this blog more in the direction of a war nerdy web site later on.

The war nerd has been interviewed by Steve Sailer btw and is now also publishing his writings on American Conservative (

Anyway if you like warnerd, I would like you to read:

This is a piece written in a very serious manner. I fully agree with what the writer, who is I think a well-connected Conservative ideologue. I am curious about you comments on the piece, especially seeing that you live in Saudi.

Btw, how are your home brewing skills? ;-p

RobertinArabia said...

Eisenhower policy shocked me when I learned of it through my vast reading of war histories two decades ago, but I cannot recall the book. I ope I got it right.

Lind quite interesting.

Thomas Chittum's "Civil War II" is out of print. Below is address of entire book as pdf file.
You may find it very interesting.

Best wishes

RobertinArabia said...

Dear Snouck,
I believe that Eisenhower arranged the mass murder by starvation and neglect of hundreds of thousands of German prisoners of war in Europe.

Two books describing these crimes are listed below with reviews.

Nothing I have read has depressed me more as an American.

James Bacques, "Other Losses"
Other Losses: The Shocking Truth Behind the Mass Deaths of Disarmed German Soldiers and Civilians Under General Eisenhower's Command (Paperback)
by James Bacque
BACQUES, James, Other Losses: An Investigation into the Mass Death of German Prisoners of War at the Hands of the French and Americans After World War II (Toronto 1989), Der geplante Tod. Deutsche Kriegsgefangene in amerikanischen und französchischen Lagern 1945/46 (Frankfurt/Main 1989). Crimes and Mercies (Toronto 1995), Verschwiegene Schuld (Berlin 1995); (9 million German deaths after "liberation", etc.).

0891 Crimes and Mercies: The Fate of German Civilians under Allied Occupation, 1944-1950

by James Bacque

In this powerful new book, Canadian historian James Bacque presents detailed evidence, much of it newly uncovered, to show that some nine million Germans died as a result of Allied starvation and expulsion policies in the first five years after the Second World War -- a total far greater than the long-accepted figures. These deaths are still being concealed and denied, writes Bacque, especially by American and British authorities. Crimes and Mercies -- a handsome hardcover work, illustrated and well-referenced -- is a devastating indictment of Allied, and especially American, occupation policy in defeated postwar Germany. Nearly 15 million Germans fled or were brutally expelled in the greatest act of "ethnic cleansing" in history, a human catastrophe in which some two million were killed or otherwise perished. Then, under the notorious "Morgenthau Plan" and its successor policies, the Allies carried out a massive looting of Germany, and even prevented German civilians from growing enough food to feed themselves. Bacque shows, for example, that General Eisenhower, in violation of the Geneva Convention, in May 1945 forbade German civilians to take food to prisoners starving to death in American camps. He threatened the death penalty for anyone feeding prisoners. Bacque also describes the terrors of the postwar camps in Poland where children and other German civilians lost their lives. Written with fervor, compassion and humanity, and making use of never-before cited records in Moscow archives, James Bacque exposes a little-known but important chapter of 20th century history. He builds upon the revelations of his startling 1989 study, Other Losses, which presented evidence to show that hundreds of thousands of German prisoners of war died as a result of cruel and illegal mistreatment by American, British and French authorities. American historian Alfred M. de Zayas, author of Nemesis at Potsdam and The German Expellees, provides a valuable foreword. ISBN 0-7515-2277-5

Pb; 318 pp; Illus., appendices, notes, biblio., index; $16.95.
(21 customer reviews)

From Kirkus Reviews
Canadian writer Bacque's shocking and controversial account of American mistreatment of four million German WW II POWs. Centering on American idol Dwight D. Eisenhower, Bacque's indictment strikes to the heart of the American dream, charging us with much the same kind of brutality that so incenses Americans when practiced by foreigners--allowing POWs to die by the tens of thousands from disease and starvation. In a skillfully organized, meticulously documented brief (86 pages of notes and appendices), Bacque charges Eisenhower not with neglect but with setting policy- -and charges subsequent authorities with a methodical cover-up, including destruction of evidence. The narrative is strongly detailed, beginning with an old Frenchman, accompanied by Bacque, opening an ancient, dusty box to find--nothing: missing evidence. From there we have a real-life thriller, complete with security forces bullying aged witnesses. Surprises are nonstop, beginning with a damning introduction by respected military historian Ernest F. Fisher, Jr., who speaks of Eisenhower's ``fierce and obsessive hatred of...all things German.'' There follows a jolting indictment of high American figures, starting at the top. The tone is set when Churchill walks out of a Big Three meeting as Roosevelt jokes with Stalin (recent perpetrator of the notorious Katyn Forest massacre) about exterminating prisoners. The point is driven home a thousand ways, most effectively in the knowledgeable analysis of Eisenhower's management style, which allowed subordinates to carry out policy with little paper to back them up. The general who sends military aircraft to pick up oranges for breakfast while prisoners are starving is especially memorable. Even more so is the repeated British refusal to countenance the US policy in principle and detail. Explosive and deeply iconoclastic, this book is sure to enrage many. Refutations without research as painstaking as Bacque's will lack credence. -- Copyright ©1991, Kirkus Associates, LP. All rights reserved.--This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

Snouck said...

Robert in Arabia:

Thomas Chittum's "Civil War II" is out of print. Below is address of entire book as pdf file.

Interesting book by this Chittum fellow. Very detailed and practical. A Dutch magazine already in the early 80ies did a number of articles on the coming break up of the USA because of immigration and demographic.

Obviously Chittum is using a lot of his experience in Yougoslavia, which is a relevant example.

10 years ago I was working in Bangkok, Thailand. I knew a Thai chap there who had emigrated with his parents to Los Angeles in 1980 when he was 10. He became a member of the LAPD when he was 20. He left the force after a few years to go back to Thailand because he saw in his line of work that there was an undeclared ethnic war going on and Asians had no stake in it: "I am not going to die for the Whites if they are not willing to fight for themselves plus I have no stake in this because the victor will not be Asian anyway".

He has got a language school now and is doing fine. Thailand is stable and has a sensible policy on immigration.

RobertinArabia said...

Dear Snouck,
I will pass on your LA policeman from Thailand anecdote. He appears to have had a very clear perception of reality in America.