Friday, March 31, 2006


An article (Hat tip Majority Rights) on the Christian Science Monitor.

Recent events - riots in many nations protesting cartoons of the prophet Muhammad, Sunni-Shiite warring in Iraq, the Taliban resurgence in Afghanistan - confirm that the West is not in a clash with Islam. Instead, Islam, which is a civilizing force, has fallen under the sway of Islamists who are a tribalizing force.

Indeed the world of Islam is tribalising. Islam does not have a capital, that sends its decrees to its far flung provinces. But also the individual national states that are majority Islamic seem to have problems keeping its populations together. It seems that a large part of the Islamic world central authority is breaking down.

the emergence of ethnic warring in the Balkans and elsewhere confirmed that when societies crumble, people revert to tribal and clan behaviors that repudiate liberal ideals.

Western areas also seem to be falling apart. The Western elites are importing masses of third worlders. The US is discussing importing 30 million non-whites in the next 10 years.

Most antagonists, no matter how high-mindedly they proclaim their ideals, are operating in terribly tribal and clannish ways. Some, such as Al Qaeda terrorists, are extreme tribalists who dream of making the West start over at a razed, tribal level.

This is Al-Queda's proclaimed goal. To end the Westphalian era both in the Islamic and in the Western world. Crime rates are on the rise in the ethnic enclaves in the West. Mafias and religious sects including Islam are on the rise.

As much of the intellectual elite is thoroughly anti-Western it is impossible to discuss many destructive trends as they have been made taboo by the thought police in the university system and the media. The self-curing ability of the West has thusly been damaged.

Al-Qa'ida is an ideological cover for what is unlawful, criminal and mafia like activity. Ethnic and criminal mafia's are expanding both in the Middle East, in Africa, in the USA and in Europe. Only the Asians seem to be able to muster the will to fight disorder and tribalism in their societies.

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