Friday, March 31, 2006

Polish workers obliterate Dutch Muslims

A friend of mine is a Hungarian who fled Communism in the 80ies. He has a little agency hiring Eastern Europeans for construction work in the Netherlands. Two years ago we saw it coming a big flood of willing Polish, Czech and Hungarian workers coming to The Netherlands after their entry in the EU. They are wiping out the unskilled workers in industry, construction and farming.

Dutch newspaper "Trouw" runs an article on Polish workers running Turks, Morroccans and Blacks out of work. Not only are the Eastern Europeans cheaper, but they work hard and there is no violence. Amongst second and third generation Turks, Morroccans and Blacks violence in the workplace is endemic.

The immigrant are now on the dole. 1.800 agricultural and construction job agencies have gone broke in The Hague alone, which is close to the areas were labour intensive agriculture is strong with the characteristic glass house flower and vegetable businesses.

The idea that these immigrants were a boon to the Dutch economy ever is again exposed a the poppycock that it is. Although the cheap African and Middle Eastern workers helped out the farmers since the period of full employment in the sixties, when Dutch workers moved on to better jobs rather than work in agriculture 90 percent of the earnings are pocketed by the workers. The rest is the profit for the employer. But once these low skilled third worders are unemployed they go on the dole, which is financed by the rest of the working population. So the benefits are accrued by the employers, the immigrants, while the long term costs are born by the Dutch population.

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