Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Riots in France

In order to address the concerns of the French citizenry over the situation of enclaves of crime and anarchy developing in the poor immigrant suburbs of France, the French political class belatedly decided to crack down on crime. Hard. The result was nationwide rioting by Islamic youth for weeks.

In response the French government made available large funds to the administrators of the suburbs to "address the situation". The Administrators begged them not to give them more funds, because they did not know what to do with them.

So the French authorities looked at their inflexible labour laws and decided to relax them.

The result? More riots of course. This time white Frenchmen and immigrant scum combine their forces against the French police. Look at the pictures of the riotporn blog. More here.

Oh and in between the attacks on the police the immigrant wolf packs attack students, bystanders, journos. And the Frenchies never fight back.

They have been brain washed not to fight back and are not even ashamed by it.


nouille said...

yup, it's true! It's sick, the French love a good Psycho drama.

They think they are in a Victor Hugo movie perhaps?

Here's an interesting article on the subject(in english)
an excerpt:
The French, of course, have been against "capitalisme sauvage" ever since that rough beast loomed amid the satanic mills of Britain in the 19th century, subsequently making its trans-Atlantic journey to establish another lair.

A recent international opinion poll on the free-enterprise and free-market system, found that 74 percent of the Chinese say they think it the best system of all, compared to only 36 percent of the French. (The Germans were not far off the French.)

The essential question is, what capitalism are we talking about?

nouille said...


nouille said...

the muslim/immigrants who are rioting are opportunistic scum!

How is destroying private property helpful? I also saw one white French woman being kicked in the face and bloodied by "french youth" AKA immigrant/muslim scum.

Yes , I use the word scum here because that is what they are, I don't care what country you hail from or what colour your skin , if you attack innocent citizens for sick pleasure YOU ARE SCUM!!!!!!!!!

nouille said...

here's a video , notice what they say.

José María said...

Very interesting photos of a dying Nation, once great, now debased and corrupted by elites.

If you look at the European IQ league somehow you understand that the darkening of France will not lead them to take reasonable decisions.

By the way congratulations to the Dutchs, you seem to be in the top.