Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Elections: socialist cartel

Today there are municipal elections in THe Netherlands. So what shall I elect. Usually I vote the VVD. They are the party that has accepted Hirsi Ayaan in their ranks. A liberal party in the old sense, Liberal-Conservative I like to call them.

Yesterday Het Parool, the Amsterdam newspaper reported that one of the prominent VVD candidates proposed to close a bar if they "discriminated" at the entrance by refusing entry to certain groups of people.

Usually this means that a bar avoids letting groups of foreigners in, mostly Moroccans. This is due to the pugnacious and agressive behaviour of Moroccans. A bar that refuses to let people in, will not earn any money from them. But because certain groups of people have a systematic tendency to misbehave it does pay to not let them in.

It is a decision for the bar owner. Either he loses turnover because of refusing people or he loses turnover because people do not want to go to a place where they are harrassed. Every bar owner comes up with his own approach. Some bars hardly let in any foreigners at all, other bars like the Challenger or The Power Zone, exclusively target ethnic minorities.

But now a politician, wants to turn over these decisions to some municipal authority. And the punishement for "discriminating" will be closure of the bar. We all know how this will go. Ethnics hysterically scream "discrimination" at the slightest provocation. The media will often join the chorus and bay for the offender's blood. If you are white, there is no need to to defend yourself. It is already clear that you are a racist.

I would be mildly unhappy if this proposal was made by the Labour Party or the Greens.

But the Liberal-Conservatives? They are supposed to be the defenders of the rights of the citizens. Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Association, Private Property and a lot more. They are supposed to be the defenders of our rights against the power-hungry government.

The funny thing is that there is no discussion of this proposal. Nobody, not the bar owners, not the press not the other parties, not the other people in the Liberal-Conservative party utter a word against this proposal to encroach on the rights of Freedom of Association and Private Property. For Amsterdammers, a city soaked in Socialism this just does not exist. It is a complete Socialist Cartel.

Hell, I even found a pamphlet for a Communist in the mail 2 days ago. He promises Free Health Care, free education and a crackdown on both organised and petty crime.

I might as well vote for this Communist.

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José María said...

You may not realize it but Socialist ideas are the base of every party, even the Right and far-Right are socialists in a sense.

The right of association, expression or property are always subordinated to general values imposed by leftists. Thanks to them we cannot say some truths about races or we are not allowed to choose with whom we associate or make bussines because that would mean "racism" or "hate-speech".

A Revolution is needed. I doubt that this situation can last for many centuries.