Monday, March 13, 2006

Immigrant block vote

A few days ago I wrote my commentary on the Dutch municipal elections of 7 March.

Herr Winn, wrote a commentary too. Generally I agree with what he says. He gets one of his observations wrong though: "For the first time left wing parties have openly pandered to foreign voters."

A minor point: the above remark of left wing parties pandering to immigrant voters for the first time. This is not something new. The left wing has always pandered to the immigrant vote. Not just in The Netherlands but all over the Western world. And it is a general pattern of Third World immigrants to vote for Leftist parties in the West.

Interestingly most immigrants are right wingers. They are particularists, not universalists. They have strong values regarding family, ethnic nation and religion. Because they put these first it makes sense for them to vote for parties in the West that put the host population last and the Third World immigrant groups first under affirmative action and pc-policies.

There is a kind of very interesting recursive pattern to the values of the Western Left and Immigrant Right. Like an Escher drawing .......

These days Right Wing parties increasingly hold up strict universal policies and values, while the Left has abandoned them and advocates INEQUALITY before the law. Special interests for special groups, all of them Non-Western.

Which is in fact the position of the original European Right-Wing: protection of prerogatives of pre-revolution pillars of society, such as Church, Nobility and Army. Only the groups have changed: they are now Mosque, Non-White Ethnics and Bureaucracy.

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Pim's Ghost said...

When I posted this story at the Infidel Bloggers Alliance ( htp:// ) I stated that this example of immigrant block voting is rather a test case for the US and our future. Some states are already seeing this trouble, others not so much. But this is the biggest weak spot we have as democracies when it comes to Islam and Muslims voting in solidarity, IMO.