Thursday, February 16, 2006

Video of violent Protests in Antwerp

Video of violence occurring during anti-cartoon demonstrations in Antwerp. More chaos in Paris, where the Muslims march under black banners (the war color of Islam).

There were also demonstrations in Antwerp, promoted by the Greens and Socialists to automatically grant citizenship to asylum seekers after three years. The very short period after which economic and family reunification migrants are naturalised under Belgian law should therefore be extended to political migrants.

This is a distortion of democracy. Basically the political cartel is disbanding the people and electing a new people. Instead of the people electing their representative government. It is a general pattern that migrants overwhelmingly vote for the so-called Leftist party, who grant privileges to non-white ethnics. The so-called rightwing parties defend radical, color blind equality before the law, rather the primacy of tradition and the European ethnics.

So in fact the Left and the Right have switched places.

The Right promotes the sort of program that would be promoted by the Left before 1968.

The Left promotes ethnic, religious and cultural previlege, but not for the original inhabitants but for the newcomers. Who are a captive voter base in combination with other state dependent groups such as civil servants and receivers of pensions and welfare.

The predictable result is a slow descent into chaos, such as seen in the Antwerp and Paris demonstration video this weekend.

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