Thursday, February 16, 2006

Spriritual Armour of the West

Hitchens makes an incredibly valid point - if the "West" doesnt even have a sense of what it is, in terms of nationalism or religion, and is so overtaken with political correctness, then it is no wonder that Muslims reject that and turned to more radical Islam.

Yes, I made this point before by quoting extensively from the book of Judges. Religion and Nationalism are like the Armour protecting a Knight from the weapons of its enemies. Without Nationalism of Religion people are totally exposed to the assaults of other groups with a stronger sense of internal cohesion. Westerners have become so individualistic that they can not protect other Westerners anymore. That would be racist!

Galloway used that lack of Armour cleverly when he compared mocking Islam to Anti-semitism or hostility to Blacks. It is so telling that hostility to whites does not exist in his universe.

I completely agreed with Hitchens (please point me to a url, Islamophobic) when he stated how Christians like himself are constantly exposed to mockery of their beliefs by the progressives and Multiculturalists and are supposed to put up to with it, but Multiculturalist Galloway only protects his captive voter base Muslims. The problem is that the whole way the public is taught to think and feel is rigged in such a way that it is almost impossible to explain to people what is going on. Thank God reality is now diverging from Multiculturalist ideology in such an obvious way that people are finally starting to think for themselves!

That interviewer woman was not in control of the debate or the subject under discussion. Galloway was. He is a sly demagogue and an opportunist to boot. He is betting on the wrong horse, however.

One cannot blame the Muslims for not wanting to be a part of Western culture, in the state it is in now. I know I do not want to be. They think: "If you guys want to commit collective suicide, go ahead. The Lord is delivering us the spoils". That is what I would think as well if I was in their shoes.

What a time to be alive! What a spectacular sunset!


Charles Martel said...

thanks for that one. Peter Hitchens is one of the good guys - he's an ex-Trotskyite who has gone right wing and rediscovered his Anglican religion. And he is passionate about freedom and the heritage of Western Judeo-Christian civilisaton.

He says a lot that makes a hell of a lot of sense. Definitely one of the Brits who isnt PC nor dhimmi.

Charles Martel said...

"please point me to a url, Islamophobic"

i didnt realise he had a website, but he does

looks like its down at the moment. but he writes for numerous newspapers in the UK. if you google around you'll find references to his work.

Galloway exposed his Stalinist credentials in that interview when he said he wanted "order" in society. And he consistently said that he wasnt a "liberal" when it came to free speech.

The BBC interviewer was completely out of her depth in the face of these two giants of political thought - Galloway on the left, Hitchens on the right.

then again, thats the P.C. for you - if Adolf Hitler wrote Mein Kampf tommorow, the BBC would blame the US and the UK for causing Hitler in the first place.

Charles Martel said...

Interview with Peter Hitchens by American Enterprise Magazine.

He talks about the nation state, the E.U. and more. worth reading.

Snouck said...

No I meant the url for the video interview, so I can post it in the article and people do not have to look for your comment in reaction to a previous article.

Thank you in anticipation.


Charles Martel said...

oh right

here it is

i'm not sure how long it will be on the bbc site , so watch it while you can. hitchens appears about 10 minutes into the programme.

ik said...

"it is no wonder that Muslims reject that and turned to more radical Islam."
"One cannot blame the Muslims for not wanting to be a part of Western culture, in the state it is in now"

You miss the point about Islam - it is immaterial what state (weak/strong/secular/Christian/Hindu/Buddhist) you are in - Jihad is mandatory and penalty for apostacy is death. The Koran is the FINAL, UNCHANGEABLE word of Allah (NOT God/Christ/Krishna etc.-only Allah) and it is valid for ALL time.

Don't be too hard on yourself - it is just that they might have a little easier time in the battle against you - but battle would happen regardless of whether your existing culture is strong or not.

Do you think they would have wanted to be part of your culture if you had been in a better state - then why did they attack Vienna where there was so much of a strong culture?

I agree about the armor part.

perroazul del norte said...

Mark Steyn recently wrote that Euro birthrates have fallen so low that Europe has gone past the point of no return for its indigenous peoples and the replacement of those peoples by others(probably Islamic unless things change radically) is now in the class of historical inevitably. Are there any demographers who think otherwise?