Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Plot Thickens

Not only have depictions of Mohammed been a part of Islamic art in centuries part, in Persia and the Ottoman Empire. Not only have the cartoons been in the newspapers months ago without the Middle East so much as stirring. Not only did the group of Imams led by Abu Laban add 3 offensive images, including one captioned in Arabic "The prophet Mohammed" depicting a turbaned man with a pig snout. But an Egyptian newspaper even published the Danish cartoons 5 months ago (hat tip, Brussels Journal).

That is it. Let's not pay more attention to this affair. Only to refer to it to point out that the presense of Muslims is totally irreconcilable with our societies. They just do not belong here. Kick Muslims OUT of Europe, starting with liar Abu Laban. Basta!


Charles Martel said...

snock - read this:
consigned to margins

hits the nail on the head.

Snouck said...

Good piece. The MSM are losing their monopoly on the means of cultural production and distribution. We live in momentous times, like the era of the invention of book printing.