Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Inter cultural communication: what we think about each other

Here is some quality research on perceptions of neighbouring tribes amongst Europeans.


nouille said...

Funny you should post this Snouck, I was just discussing w/ my sister inlaw how Europe needs to come together and stop all the in fighting if we are to repel the muslim onslaught.

nouille said...

Snouck, upon further inspection i see a hammer and sickle flag at the bottom of the home page, when i click on it it seems to go to a site in Russian with a palestinian flag.

Wher did you find this??

Snouck said...

This is the exile, home of Gary Brecher, the War nerd and Limonov the leader of the Nationalist - Bolshevist party.

The site has to be viewed tongue- in-cheeck.

Desmond Jones said...

Consider it counter-intuitive, however, it is the very disparate nature of Europe that gives it a better chance to halt immigration and repatriate. White nationalism is non-existent. it has as much appeal as Marcus Garvy's black nationalism. Haider and Austria's Freedom Party appealed to Austrian sentiments that are revulsive in other parts of Europe. However, they were successful in invoking immigration reform.

White coming together is an American concept that evolved from the meltng pot theory.

This is precisely why George Yancey’s book Who is White?: Latinos, Asians, and the New Black/Nonblack Divide is such a necessary read. Yancey, a sociologist at the University of North Texas, provides compelling evidence that supports the (unstated) hypothesis that the color line of the twentieth century will remain firmly entrenched in the twenty-first. Using as his point of departure the popular projection that whites will soon be a minority group, Yancey opens his book by arguing that whites will remain the majority despite the growing populations of Latino/as and Asian Americans. How can the increase of Latino/as and Asian Americans enforce, rather than disrupt, the color line? Simple. By 2050, according to Yancey, most Latino/as and Asian Americans will be white.

For those who consider race to be a biological fact rather than a social and political one, Yancey’s projection is sure to raise eyebrows. Yet his argument is grounded in an understanding of how whiteness, like any racial category, is socially and politically defined yet enacted in real and meaningful ways. Whiteness is also fluid and maintains itself when threatened by incorporating previously excluded groups. In the chapter “How to be White,” Yancey covers ground commonly discussed by practitioners of what is becoming institutionalized as “whiteness studies,” including the racialized discrimination and nativism that different European ethnic groups faced before they eventually became socially accepted by Anglos and then later by a more expansive pan-European race simply known as “white.”

ik said...

Desmond speaking of books here are a couple of books on the Irish and the Jews in America

Disclaimer- I hve NOT read those books or commented on them at Amazon;)

Snouck said...

Consider it counter-intuitive, however, it is the very disparate nature of Europe that gives it a better chance to halt immigration and repatriate.

It is quite logical in fact, not counter-intuitive. Europeans have old separate identities which have been forged in a battle against Islam from about 700 after Christ until about now. So there are plenty triggers in our culture to reject Islam and the Islamic demographic.

What makes a clash between Muslims and host population even more inevitable is the very military-political nature of the Qoran and consequently Islaic faith. Yesterday I read an old article mentioning that Frits Bolkenstein, a former leader of the Lib-Con VVD party and a high ranking EU - satrap stated less than a year ago that it should be made illigal that Muslims can be elected to mayor of Dutch cities, because police departments should not be under the command of a Muslim. I noted already 10 years ago that Bolkenstein had very sharp views on the undesireability of Muslims joining the Dutch Army. He also wrote a book on the history of Islam, he knows what he is talking about.

From a nationalist perspective, the Muslims are a godsend, they are the perfect opposition, slamming into our most sensitive points, to paraphrase IK.

European unity is impossible, we are just too different to co-ordinate such political campaigns across the borders. Even Flemish - Dutch co-operation is very awkward, which just goes to show how different we all are instead of similar as the multiculturalists insist.

The blurb of Yancey's book is interesting. I have wondered if there will not be a coming together of a highly successfull hybrid culture between Asians and Whites in e.g. Vancouver and certain other cities on the West Coast of America. I know that Asians really feel at home in Vancouver and there seems not to be a big hostility to them by Whites.

I have my doubts however on the coming together of Hispanics and Whites because of the political dynamite of the territories ceded by Mexico to the US in 1846 and the resulting grudge. Mexico also borders directly on the US which gives Mexican immigration an explosiveness that Asian immigration does not have.

For obvious reasons it will be impossible for Blacks to move in the mainstream of any society that is not dominated by Blacks.