Friday, February 24, 2006

More "Hofstad" group suspects released by Amsterdam Court

The Amsterdam Court of Justice let another suspect in the "Hofstad" terror case (Dutch)go.

The Amsterdam Court of Justice is expected to speak out its verdicts on the suspects of the "Hofstad" terrorist cell, inspired and led by Mohammed Bouyeri, Theo van Gogh´s assassin. Half of the group of young Moroccan and assorted Middle Eastern men arrested in the course of the "Hofstad" anti-terror case have been let go by the Amsterdam Court, mostly because the time they would have to serve if convicted would be equal to the time they have spend in administrative detention thus far.

Zakaria T. is defended by Britta Boehler, a Leftist German laywer whose specialty is defending terrorist. She was the laywer and protector of Ocalan, the leader of the PKK, a Communist Kurdish terror group from Turkey. On her request the Court declared Zakaria T. free. He had been charged with a five year sentence. Officers of the Prosecution K. Plooy and A. van Dam also let Achmed H. go. Achmed H. was the group´s IT and communications expert.

Zakaria T. was arrested in November 2004, a few days after the murder of Theo van Gogh, during a terrorist sweep by the Dutch police, in which many people were rounded up and arrested razzia style.

The prosecution stated that Zakaria T. and Achmed H. are not part of the core of the group, but that they served as a intermediate facilitating layer of the terror cell.

Zakaria T. spent some time in a Pakistani trainings camp for Mujahedeen with "Hofstad group core member" Jason W. Jason W is the son of a Black US soldier and a Dutch mother.

Zakeria T. is born in The Netherlands, but has grown up in Morrocco. He told the Court that he is not a devout Muslim and no terrorist. "I disagree with Mohammed Bouyeri´s thoughts and I want to lead a normal life".

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