Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Bush Conspiracy

Charles Martel:
I hate conspiracy theories - but is not beyond the bounds of reason that Dubya is playing the "bring it on" card?

A terrorist attack via the ports would be a perfect excuse for Dubya to seriously ramp up the war on Islam , cough, ahem, i mean the war on "terror".

And if the attack can be traced back to the Iranians - well, there you have it.

Well, if that was the intention of Bush, I would think that he and his co-conspirators would want to be in control of the terrorist infiltration in order to keep an eye on it. If there is an terrorist attack on the USA and in the investigation it is found that it indeed came through an UAE-controlled port then Dubya will be blamed. MORE


Charles Martel said...

Off topic:
Vatican - they (the Muslims) have no right to destroy us

Interesting development from an increasingly anti-dhimmi Catholic church.

José María said...

There are many sites that blame Bush and Zionists on 9/11. As a result we got two wars.

A conspiracy theory is almost impossible to prove, but there are many clues that suggest that Bush is destroying his own country willingly, one of the most remarkable for me is illegal immigration against the will of most Americans.

Democracy means nothing for these satanists.