Thursday, January 05, 2006

Happy Christmas

On Christmas night 20 year old Dutch member of the armed forces Floor Garst brought his girlfriend home. This was in Deventer a Hanseatic town from the Middle Ages on the IJssel river. With a beautiful Sandstone Cathedral. This is in the East from the country. Not far from the village Snouck hails from.

Near the Churchillplein he and his girlfriend passed three lads. The three had just been in a quarrel with two Dutch men, whom they had provoked by blocking their way. When the three saw Floor Garst with his girlfriend they called her a "whore". These are fighting words. In the ensuing fight with the three lads Floor Garst fell and died.

The three men have not yet been found. The police has 29 tips. The two bicyclists have given descriptions and there is a film from security cameras a bit further down the road. On 3 January the police broadcast "Opsporing Verzocht" (suspect on the run).

Suspect on the run speaks of three men with a brownish skin color (getinte huid). This is coded speech for Moroccans. Most people suspected they were Moroccans anyway. As is usual in these cases a register has been opened on the internet were people can express their condoleances. As is usual in these cases the register is a hate fest for Ethnic Dutchmen calling for capital punishment and expulsion. About 1,500 messages in 2 weeks.

In some clubs in Deventer there are regulations against mobile phones. Everybody has to leave their mobiles at the door. This is because fights between individuals otherwise degenerate in race riots. What a fantastic multicultural society we live in.

A newspaper "De Stentor" interviewed a man who came to collect his son about half an hour before the fight happened. The three foreign lads also tried to pick a fight with the son, by insulting him. "The were clearly looking for trouble, but my son told them off".

Fights like these occur all the time. Muslim lads, especially Moroccans look for trouble when they are in groups. They feel brave in groups.

Less then a year ago a similar incident got in the news, just after the murder on Van Gogh. Several Moroccan men insulted some 17 year old Dutch girls. A Dutchmen told them off. A Moroccan attacked the man, who was severely injured. The assaulter called himself Mohammed Bouyeri, after the assassin of Van Gogh. The worst part is that when ambulances came to aid the wounded men groups of Muslims attacked the ambulances, hindered the medical staff to aid the man and screamed at the man "die, die Dutchman".

Of course our Leftist media tried to give this news as low a profile as possible. Page 13 in a local paper.

Annually there are big state sponsored ceremonies to remember a black boy, Kevin Duijnmeyer, from the Dutch Antilles who was killed by a skinhead in 1983. There is a well known pop song that commemorate his dead. The skinhead was supposed to be a Nazi. Who actually turned out to be half-Jewish. This happened again recently were a skinhead shot three Moroccans who threatened him in Muiderberg. The media blew it up out of all proportions without paying attention to the fact that groups of Moroccans terrorize white boys. And the Nazi turns up in Israel. He is Jewish and he fled to his family. There should be a television program to list all these bloopers by the media and the very obvious and vicious slant they give to the news of whites fighting back. When hell freezes over.

If you are attacked by Muslims and you defend yourself succesfully you will be slandered as a Nazi. If you do not defend yourself and are wounded or killed you will be ignored.

If you belong to a minority and are killed by a a white person you will be turned into an icon.

Looking at the the impotent hate fests on the internet people understand that they are being conned.

A final word. In The Netherlands victims of these sudden, unprovoked attacks are called "slachtoffers van zinloos geweld" or "victims of meaningless violence". This is the first thing we must seek to change. White men who are killed defending themselves, their honor or Dutch girls or ladies should be called "gentlemen". That is an important distinction. And the internet hate fests are just pathetic.

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eyesallaround said...

We have the same problem in the USA. A gay man killed in Wyoming gets top billing, or a black man dragged behind a truck makes headlines, but 4 white teens raped and killed doesn't get a peep on national news for fear of stirring up racial hatred. How ridiculous. All 3 events were HORRIBLE. The press is supposed to just report the news and let the chips fall where they may.

I actually thought lynchings were a huge problem historically in the South, but when I looked into it, it actually started with white people being lynched, climaxed in 30's with some 5 - 10 per year, and after the 30's only 1 per year. It's still wrong, and perp's should be persecuted. But it wasn't the big problem you'd think it was by the liberal media.