Friday, December 16, 2005

Women are loot

Recently there have been riots in Sydney between whites and Lebanese immigrants. The press, Australian and international puts the riots down to white racism and incitement by the extreme right wing.

However Sydney and other Australian cities with lots of Lebanese immigrants are plagued by crime and gang rapes. The perps are found in Islamic communities. Recently there was another court case in which a well off Pakistani immigrant was found to be the ringleader of a gang of rapists. The targets for the rapes were usually white women:
The ringleader of a notorious gang of rapist brothers said he believed one of his teenage victims had "no right to say 'No'" when he attacked her.
He said he believed she was promiscuous because she did not wear a Muslim purdah, drank alcohol and sang Shakira lyrics: "My breasts are small but humble". From the witness box, he then turned to the victim, who can only be identified only as T, and apologised for the first time.
It is ridiculous to believe that the man has suddenly come around to the Australian, Western point of view. One can only shake one's head at the incredible naivity and stupidity of these girls when they go with Muslim men and flirt with them. And of the naivity of our elites when they let these Muslims in and are surprised when things get out of hand. Since 1999 there have been repeated almost constant reports about Moslims raping white girls in Australian cities, but the problem is not addressed in a way that these immigrants would have respect for.

And educating our girls and women against behaving in a provocative way would go against Political Correctness, the belief that absolutely nothing bad can be said about non-western cultures and customs.

It is good that Whites in Australia are taking a stand against Immigrant crime, but the real target must be the PC ideology and the establishment that supports it. We can not sit still, while these sheperds are letting wolves amongst sheep. It is a matter honour and pride in ourselves. The youngest victim was 13 years old. Can we stand by and let this happen to our sisters?


JKayce said...

Very true!
We first and foremost need to get rid of the PC whip that has been used all too often in the service of suppressing truth and supplanting it with a veneer of PC lies. In Holland this means we need to get rid of that dreaded anti-discrimination article in Dutch constitution which acts as the facilitator for the PC brigade. How often have we witnessed accusations of discrimination uttered towards those swimming against the PC stream?
Freedom of speech means that everyone should be able to express his/her opinions WITHOUT being persecuted. Up until now this has been practically the sole prerogative of the left; conservative views were always subjected to the ridicule-innuendo machinery of the left wing in tandem with possible means of legal suppression. Anything so much a reeking of right wing views was depicted as 'fascism' while a party, openly supporting the communist regime in the former Soviet Union -responsible for massive bloodshed, colonial aggression and suppression of entire nations-, was condoned and given a place in Dutch parliament. Only in an atmosphere of true openness we can get to the root of problems, as unpleasant as it may be.

nouille said...

When "whites" riot it's racism and when people of "a darker skin" riot it's political protesting.

Robbie Earl said...

Nah. When white's riot it's usually coz of football. When nonwhites riot, its usually coz of some political cause.

Snouck said...

Non - whites have recently been known to riot for Heineken and Flat screen TVs :-)

RobertinArabia said...

Leb's must be very odd. Where I live Shakira is very popular. Her records are sold in all major music stores in the kingdom.

Snouck said...

Do you live in Saudi, Robert in Arabia?