Friday, December 16, 2005

USA Patriot Act will only be partly renewed

The USA Patriot Act which was legislated after the 9/11 attack on the twin towers in New York is up for renewal. Sixteen clauses of the Act are in force only temporarily.

The broad concensus on the powers of state agencies such as the FBI and the CIA to search registries and records of confidential data on US citizens is breaking apart. More and more people are recognising that the state can be a more dangerous enemy for Americans than bearded Muslims terrorists.

A Republican supporter of renewal of the broad powers for the state, Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah, said:
The failure to renew the provisions would be "interpreted by our enemies as somehow inviting or even enabling further terrorist attacks on U.S. soil,
The critics, both Democrats and Republicans stated:
They says the current Patriot Act gives government too much power to investigate people's private lives. "Folks, when we're dealing with civil liberties, you don't compromise them," said Craig, a board member of the National Rifle Association. Chief among the critics' concerns are the National Security Letters that the FBI can use to compel the release of such private records as financial, computer and library transactions. The bill for the first time explicitly says the third-party recipients of NSLs banks, Internet service providers and libraries may hire lawyers and challenge the letters in court.
The US is the house of Freedom. No European nation knows the freedom that the US gives it citizens. although political correctness and anti racism legislation takes a lot of freedom away from Ameican white males. Whether or not Al-Queda wins, if they manage to turn the house of Freedom in a jail, Islam will already be victorious.

Also in Europe legislators are taking away freedoms from the citizenry to deal with Islamic radicalism amongst Muslim immigrant communities. If this goes on the West will turn into a Soviet Union type prison, where societal dynamic is absent. Eventually that prison will come down too, like it did in Eastern Europe in 1989, but let us try to avoid the prison altogether.


JKayce said...

Look at the effect communism had on the spirits of people living in East Europe. Many Germans of the former West-Germany refer to those from the former East-Germany as 'Der Dumme Rest', simply because they are used to momma government telling them what to do at the cost of private initiative. The end result is the same as when one does not use a particular muscle: it begins to atrophy.
If we love our country we can NEVER tolerate a national socialist warehouse rob us of our strenght and dreams.

Snouck said...

It will take a generation before they give up that "someone tell me what to do" mentality.