Sunday, December 25, 2005

Oh Yes!

Merry Christmas people!

Vrolijk Kerstfeest gewenst vanuit Nederland.


JKayce said...

Thank you, Snouck, and a merry Christmas to you too!

nouille said...

I have been sick with the flu, but I hope you had a nice Christmas!

Wiag said...

Have a happy new year!

nouille said...

Gelukkig NieuwJaar!

(I think that's right.)

Snouck said...

It is very good, Nouille! If you manage to hold down lickerish or eat a herring raw (with onions) I 'll declare you honorary Dutch!

nouille said...

wow, thanks Snouck. I keep missing feed back on some of my posts.

hold down lickerish?!

I can eat raw salmon w/ onions, does that count?

Snouck said...


"I keep missing feed back on some of my posts."

what do you mean missing feedback? Your comments do not appear?

nouille said...

no,no no. I just look at the response far too late and sometimes the post is archived.

btw, i love licorice.