Thursday, December 22, 2005

"We hate you fellows, that is the gist of it"

The trial against the "Hofstad" terror cell is continuing. The cell is well known because the murderer of Van Gogh, Mohammed Bouyeri, is a member. Yesterday the Judges interrogated Samir Azzouz again the stumbling terrorist again.

Judge: "Did the suspects have a specific bond?"

Samir Azzouz: "We were all unemployed"

Judge: "Was there anything deeper than that that connected you people?"

Samir Azzouz: "We share the same ideology. We reject your system and we hate you fellows. That is the gist of it."

Public Prosecutor Plooy: "Could you please explain what you hate in our system?"

Samir Azzouz: "Everything. The idea that people think that you can make laws, although you are not better than this cup of water."
The idea of the will of the people coming in forcefull contact with the will of God as an inspiration for laws that bind and obligate people. It is a head on collision.

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